Mari's new bags!

Like every woman I love bags and I got infatuated by these. Made of Marimekko's world famous cotton canvas and fine Italian patent leather, Mari's new bags is modern and chic at the same time.

You are what you eat

Photographer Mark Menjivar, traveled three years across the USA taking pictures of people's fridges.
If you are curious as I am, check here for more pics!


Noncollective Mix Tapes

Noncollective offers a great selection of mix tapes, ranging from electric to rock, to jazz.
Here you can listen to a mix created by Zucker in 2007. Expect some exotic prog rock, libyan disco and pitched down rock.

Shattered art!

Brock Davis shows us what every day objects, that normally wouldn't shatter, would look like if they could break into pieces!

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Theresa Andersson

Swedish born and New Orleans based singer-songwriter, Teresa Andersson, plays a lot of instruments in her kitchen and the result of this are fresh and elaborated melodies.
More songs here.


This site lets you see what people around the world are doing at 10:15 am. Unfortunately in my world nothing much happens at this time, I'm usually in bed. This site made me realise that I need to wake up earlier!
The picture above was taken in Germany by Ralf Schroeder.

Waste bin

This is a really cool bin designed by Grace Lee. Original and beautiful!

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Playing for a change!

Playing for Change is an awesome multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. The idea is a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people.
Here you can see the first video created which puts together different musicians and cultures.
The result of this project is an amazing cd, with songs like stand by me, one love and many others.

Zee Avi

With an eclectic pool of influences that range from such eccentrics as Cat Power, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Jolie Holland, Daniel Johnston and Chris Garneau, to jazz greats Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, to classics like Velvet Underground and Led Zeppelin, Zee Avi mixes soul and jazz with her beautiful voice.
She just released her new album and you can listen the whole record here.

Dinner with the band!

Chef Sam Mason, puts culinary and alternative rock together and the result of this is a really cool show. From his loft in New York, Mason shows us good recipes with a live concert at the end. This video shows you how to cook steak burgers and fries with the band Pigeon John.
Check out Piegon John's live performance here

Bordeaux Project

This is a short film, created using almost 15.000 digital still photos and no video footage, was screened with dozens of other Happy New Year shorts in Bordeaux, France on December 31st, 2008, as an introduction to the city's New Year's Eve countdown.
As you can see, Stillmotion photography was used, , developed by filmmaker and photographer Dave Schwep.
Just great!

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100 years of Selfridges

To celebrate Selfridges' landmark birthday in style, top designers have created exclusive yellow products. One of them is this charming Blackberry Smartphone which will cost you $1500 US.
Check out more birthday products here.


This blog has some great pictures accompanied by really cool songs. Just a lovely idea!



PACOVOLUME "CookieMachine" from discograph on Vimeo.

PacoVolume is a solo project from France. Here you can check his new single, Cookiemachine, this video combines stop-motion animation and live-action, really cool!

Lights On!

lights on from thesystemis on Vimeo.

This is an awesome audio visual performance created for the Ars Electronica museum in Linz, Austria, which has a facade that contains 1085 LED controllable windows. The windows' colors are changed in real time with music that's broadcasted on speakers surrounding the building. Enjoy!

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100 Abandoned Houses

Nice gallery featuring 100 abandoned houses in Detroit!

To get hungry!

Scanwiches! This is a very unique and fun idea. Using an old HP scanner, Jon Chonko (an NYC designer at thehappycorp global) scans a different sandwich everyday!
In the picture you can see a delicious one with Prosciutto, Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Greens, Sun-Dried Tomatos, Olive Oil, on wheat toast.
If you need some ideas for your lunch, just click here!

You can also check Jon's method here.

Geneva Airport Lamp

This is a really cool lamp designed by Andrea Claire. The inside features images of Geneva airport.
Click here to buy!

Wooden Arms!

It's the new Patrick Watson album! Check out for more of his songs here

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Anonymous Hugging Wall

This is an awesome project by designer Keetra Dean Dixon. Hugs are always welcome!
Check out for more of her projects here

Next time around!

Check out the new Little Joy video, shot entirely using an 8mm bolex camera!


This is a collaboration between Trevor Hall and Matisyahu. If you like reggae you must check this video out!

Gap & Havaianas

If you are in New York you can enjoy the summer with fashion flip flops! Gap and Havaianas got together to promote "Make your own Havaianas". The store is located at 680 Fifth Avenue, between 53rd and 54th Streets, there you can customize your flip flops, choose colours and add pins, such as initials, star and flowers. This event finishes in June 13th, go get yours!

Brian Leo

Brian Leo has been creating series of interesting paintings. His style is classified as Garage Pop Surrealism, in this style you can see the poetic language addressing raw emotion.

You can check out for more of his work here

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Erland Oye is known for being part of Kings of Convenience. In 2003 he started a parallel project called The Whitest Boy Alive, this project turned into a band way more eletronic and dancy. Rules is their second album and it is really good. Check out a cool video here

Sweet Fashion!

Great idea from italian photographer Massimo Gammacurta. Sweet Fashion, lick your way to success brings your favourite brand in a shape of a lollipop!

Go green! The Moof bike!

It's known that the Netherlands is filled of bikes, so it's not a surprise that this awesome bicycle was created by dutch designer Sjoerd Smit. Made of aluminum, just weighs 13 kilos and it is perfect for everyday use, does not get rusty and it is easy to ride.

I want this bag!

Baggu bag is the most fashion ecologic bag I have ever seen! They are colourful and if you fold them they look like a wallet.
The difference of this bag is the cool design and the fact that they are really big, so you can replace easy the paper or plastic bags. Using one Baggu for one year you will replace 300 to 700 disposable bags. The price is real good, just 8 US.
I can't wait to receive mine!

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Happy Pills

It seems Spain is the cradle of the creativity! Happy pills is a candy store in Barcelona. Created by the design studio marion + merche, this place looks pretty much like a pharmacy but instead of medicine you will find there sweet candies.

A perfect place to work!

This is the office of the Selgas Cano architects in Madrid. With an office like that you certainly don't need any advertisement. How great must it be work surrounded by nature?

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Favela Painting

This is a great project created by dutch artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn. Their goal is to bring more life with art to the slums of Rio de Janeiro, painting giant murals with the help of locals.

You can support this cause, by clicking here

A take away show in Paris!

Take away show is a project created by La Blogotheque , where every week an artist or a band is invited to play in the streets, in a bar, a park or even in a elevator.
La Blogotheque's team films the whole session without editing, the idea is to film the music like it happens.
Here you can see Jason Mraz take away show, it was shot in Paris at the Louvre bridge. It's just beautiful.

A new Jack Johnson!

He is from California, he's a surfer and his music is a mix of roots, rock, reggae and jazz!
Marc B is part now of Oniric Records, the company responsible for Jack Johnson and all Brushfire Records artist's web sites.

You can check his tunes here

A little bit of Paris in São Paulo!

Last friday I went to this little bistro, called Paris 6! I found it to be very charming and cosy.
If you are in São Paulo and you are missing Paris as I do, check the cheese platter, a combination of Gruyere, goat cheese and Camembert served with cassis syrup, just lovely!

Paris 6 is open 24 hours a day and it is located on:
Hadock Lobo, 1240

Gigapixels Panoramas

This is a very cool project created by Kolor Company, which is specialized in panorama stitching tools and the photographer Gerard Maynard.

Kolor Company is also preparing another project: Paris 20 Gigapixels. In this one 2000 images will be taken and it will be shot from one of the towers of St Sulpice church, where the viewpoint covers nearly all the interesting monuments of Paris.
I can't wait!

Spoil yourself!

I just received the new Francesca Romana Diana catalog and as usual I'm in love with her new collection.
What I like most about this jewelry designer is the fact that natural brazilian stones are the base in her creations.
You can check the new collection and the catalog here

Let the beat build

This new video by Nyle was shot in one take with the audio being recorded at the same time . It was produced by Last Pictures and 194 Records.
I'm not a rap fan, but what I love about this video is the fact that the music grows with different instruments being added to the song.

If I ever go to New York...

I will definitely stop at Teany Cafe and teas.
This little vegan cafe and restaurant was created in 2002 by Kelly Tisdale and the musician Moby and it is known for its cosy atmosphere and for the variety of teas, they offer 98 types of tea.

Interested? Kelly Tisdale explains more here

Hello to man leggings or meggings!

It seems Steven Tyler and Russell Brand knew what fashions is before us!

Would you wear it?
If your answer is yes, check more here

Pixel hotel

Pixel hotel in Austria ads an interesting twist to the concept of hotels. This hotel has just 6 suites spread over different locations. Every suite was created by a different architect. I'm just not sure how the breakfast service works!

Funky Fridge

Decorate your boring white fridge with these cool pixel magnets by Motifo.