Jose James in São Paulo

Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend one of the best concerts I've ever seen!
First Guizado, a Brazilian jazz quartet led by the trumpetist Guilherme Mendonça, a dope mix of jazz with electronic music.
After that, José James with all his soul, jazz and hip hop took to the stage with his amazing band consisting of Marc Cary (piano), Chris Smith (bass) and Adam Jackson (drums). And as if that wasn't enough, great names such as Taylor McFerrin and trumpetist Eddie Henderson joined the party!

Special thanks to José de Holanda who took these awesome photos!

Music Friday

Lord, from Sleepy Sun is perfect to chill and get prepared to the weekend!

Thanks to Benzy, for the tip!

Sumertime Flows

Summertime Flows
is a new song Marc B is working on and it will be available on his new EP of which the release date is not yet known (but I will keep you posted, don't worry!!).
I watched this video last night and it really made me happy!

Svavar Knútur

Thanks to my dear friend Luke, I'm getting into Icelandic music. My new find is Svavar Knútur, enjoy!

Moleskine Pac-Man

Love this video for the new molesquine Pac-Man (limited edition series featuring cover art and mini-stickers). Get yours here.

Scenes of Life

Beautiful set by Lucie & Simon.

Tartine Bread

I love everything about this video, the bread, the place: Tartine Bakery, the book and the music.
I wish I was in San Francisco right now!

Photos, Photos & Photos

I don't know if you already checked Not sure what to call this thing, but this is the new blog I've been working on and it's totally focused on photography. Some of them are mine, some belongs to really cool photographers I found. Enjoy!


Plant-based beauty products plus very cool packaging. That's Aésop!

Dear Coffee I Love You

I spent hours browsing Dear Coffee I Love You, in this awesome blog you can find really cool coffee places, new ways to brew your coffee and everything related to this beverage that we all love so much!

Ps. Bá and Juss, this post is for you girls!

Matt Caplin Photography

Last year, when I started this blog, Matt Caplin was pretty much the first photographer who caught my attention. Back then he was only eighteen years old and I got totally impressed by the beauty of his photos.
I just discovered he has a new blog, so I could not let this pass by. Enjoy!