Ty Cole

Ty Cole has an amazing portfolio, here you can see part of the set People.

Wish List

Going to my wish list this awesome sofa. Designed by Doshi Levien.

found at swissmiss

It's Friday!

Have a good weekend folks!


Anna Taratiel aka Ovni is a great artist from Barcelona, her work is a mix of abstract compositions and geometric forms. You can check her work at Rojo Nova exhibition.

Photo of the week

Since last week there was no photo of the week post, today I'm posting two!
I just found this awesome flickr photostream, there's no much information about the photographer but his photos are just awesome!

Wallpapered Dumpsters

Wallpapered Dumpsters is a really cool project, by American artist C. Finley, that transforms environmental activism into unexpected beauty. Dumpsters around the world become art!

Tim Walker

I really love Tim Walker's photos, they are extravagant and romantic at the same time!

Fey Handmade

I just found this website full of cute handmade goodies. They have also a pretty cool blog, check here.

Found at loveology

Diary from Japan

Fantastic set by fashion designer and photographer Wain Lin Tse.

Through The Window

Another great set by Brazilian photographer Felipe Morozini.

Eyeone x Cache

Eyeone and Cache painting an awesome mural installation for Hold Up Art and the Downtown LA Art Walk. Just amazing!

Rebecca Ward

Rebecca Ward is a great artist from Texas. She will be attending to the Rojonova exhibition here in São Paulo in june. Check her work here.

Vila Madalena

Today I decided to post about this neighborhood called Vila Madalena. Definitely one of the best ones of São Paulo, where you can find cool bars, cool people and a lot of art & design.

Music Tuesday

From Portland, Blind Pilot!


ROJO®nova is a project by Rojo Magazine, with 7 weeks of art, installations, live audiovisuals, sound art, workshops, live music and more!
A lot of good artists will be joining this project, I will be posting every week about one of them. This week It was Mark Jenkins. Stay tuned!

When: July and August 2010.
Where: MIS. Sao Paulo - Brazil.

If you miss The Smiths...

Please check this band from Texas out!

Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins' street installations are just awesome!

Not Sure What To call This Thing.

If you like photography, check this blog out!

Photo of the week

Everybody knows that I'm crazy about photography, so I decided to create photo of the week, starting today with this fantastic photo from Brazilian photographer Jorge Brivilati,
Coincidentally it's also his birthday today!

Casa da Laurets - Fashion

Last year I posted about Casa da Laurets, a cute house wear brand.
Now Laura Martins, fashion designer responsible for the brand, is into women's fashion too! The best thing is, the sizes are for real woman not top models, like many brands nowadays!
You can buy this beautiful dress and many more here.

Music Tuesday

Today I decided to post a collection of vids that I got from my friend Luke.

Bloomsberry & Co

I just came across this fantastic New Zealand-based company, established in 2001 by graphic designer Giles Barker and his wife Vanessa Kettelwell, a trained cook.
Vanessa and Giles use a combination of sophisticated humour mixed with superior ingredients and really awesome design to sell their chocolate bars to the world.
Just love the flat pack chocolate egg. I'm just waiting for a Brazil retailer!!

PS. the web site is damn cute, it's worth checking the tourist range on the New Zealand website.


FriendsWithYou is an artist collaborative founded by the two Miami-based artists, Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III.
The idea of this project to promote the two artists common message of magic, luck and friendship, through its popular designer toy line, public art installations, new form playgrounds, published works, live performances,various animation, motion picture and multimedia projects.

Danger Mouse x David Lynch

Dark Night of the Soul is the infamous Danger Mouse album that was never released due to a copyright dispute. Thankfully they did release a beautiful limited edition booklet featuring 50 photographs by iconic filmmaker David Lynch which were put on display at Art Basel Miami.

Vans and the places where they were

Vans and the places where they were is a great project by photographer and filmmaker Joe Stevens. Since 1996, using 120mm film, he has been documenting surviving custom and conversion vans across the West.

found at kottke.


I just discovered this Brazilian artist and I really like his graffiti murals.