Born Ruffians - Part II

I've been listening to Born Ruffians since my last post about them, so pretty much nine days non stop now! What I like most about them is the fact that they mix drums, bass, electric guitar and like they say an almost unheard of combination, with bits of harmonium, piano and plenty of hootin and hollerin to create really cool and happy songs. I just love them!

And Everything Was Alright

And Everything Was Alright is a short film, created by Robert Kilman and Safwat Saleem, about a day in the life of a lonely bear who wants to travel to space.
It is available on DVD or as picture book. Click here to buy it.

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365 days of Danboard

Photographer Arielle shows us the adventures of Danbo, a really cute cardboard box. Click here to see all 365 pictures.

Friends of AL

Friends of AL is an an art auction to help support Lauren and Austin, who were victims of an accident involving drunk drivers. You can send in your bids via email by clicking here.

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Super 8 1974

Brazilian filmmaker Jarbas Agnelli beautifully edited his dad's old Super 8 home movie from 1974 to fit with the José Gozalez song Crosses, creating a very atmospheric piece of work.

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Song of the day!

Gal Costa and Caetano Veloso sing Jorge Ben Jor's song, Que Pena. Brazilian music from 1969, awesome!

City One Minutes

City One Minutes is a project which aims to show personal impressions of city life around the globe. Each city is divided into 24 minute segments, each depicting one hour of the day. More information on this project can be found here

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In a black & white Paris, little dudes add some colour! Reulf is a brilliant project from University of Paris VIII, directed by Quentin Carnicelli, Charles Klipfel and Jean-François Jégo as part of their graduate program. Music by Robert Le Magnifique and Olivier Mellano.


ChariTea is a freshly brewed tea with natural additions of fruit, different from the ones we already have on the market today, made from extracts.
The best part of this product is that a percentage of the profit goes to farmers in South America.
I'm impressed by the packaging which was created by the Swedish design agency BVD.

ChariTea is manufactured by German company LemonAid Beverages GmbH and it will be available all over Europe soon.

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Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

No, it's not a Smith's song! This is a collection of funny and interesting doodles by Andre Jordan.
Click here to buy it.

8 Bit Trip

Tomas Redigh worked 1500 hours to create this stop motion video with legobricks. Nice work!

Touch The Future Now

Pretty cool this commercial for HP TouchSmart series. Imagine if real life was like that?

Born Ruffians

I just discovered this Canadian band and I can't stop listening to this song called little garçon, it's just awesome!
More songs here.

Thomas Garoche

A mix of a melodica, ukulele, double bass, a toy piano and Cuban maracas. That's Green Dream by French musician Thomas Garoche.

La Morte Di Un'Immagine

This series by Italian photographer Andrea Galvani is just amazing.

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Cafes Do Brasil Organic Coffee Bag

Handmade stuff are great! I fell in love with this shoulder bag, made from recycled Brazilian coffee sacks (yay!) by textile designer Wendren from South Africa.
Get yours!

Bon Iver

This is another tip from my friend Luke Boxall. I did not know Bon Iver before, (what a shame!) I started to listen to him today and I'm enjoying it!

Brandon Waybright

Brandon Waybright
has a great portfolio, he's the lead designer for Oniracom, the company responsible for Jack Johnson, G. Love, Brushfire Records, Lenny Kravitz and many other cool musician's websites.

New York Store Fronts

Last week I was browsing my favourite bookstore and I bumped into this really cool book with amazing store front pictures. I did not buy it yet, but it's on my wish list!

The Future Perfect

The Future Perfect is a mix of store and gallery in New York. There you can find decorative art (like the awesome table above) by local designers and from around the world.


Ruiz+Company is a studio in Barcelona with a portfolio full of beautiful and clean designs. It's great to see that more and more people are aware that less is more!

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Nature's revenge is a series of beautiful collage murals by French artist Ludo.

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Le Chef Chic

This is another cool lookbook in film format, for Coming Soon's spring/summer 2010 collection. The film was directed by Max Vadukul and the beautiful choreography was in hands of Hervé Koubi.

New York, I love You

A film joining several love stories in one of the most loved cities of the world? Yes I wanna watch it!

From the same creators of Paris je t'aime, New York, I love You, will be released on october 16th (USA), october 29th (Europe) and november 20th (Brazil).

Emiliana Torrini

I just discovered this fantastic singer from Iceland. Emiliana Torrini has a beautiful voice and really delicate songs!

Billboard bag

This bag, created by Artecnica, is made of discarded billboard posters. Good to see companies going green!

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Jonathan Jeremiah

English folk singer Jonathan Jeremiah is finally to release his first EP, What's a Guy Got to Do.
It will be released on August 16th, only for download and August 17th on vinyl. Great news!
Check for more songs here.


Sixeart is a multidimensional artist from Barcelona, who expresses himself through his colourful pieces. Yesterday I had the great opportunity to check his exhibition and I got really impressed by the freshness of his work.

Portico Quartet

I can't stop listening to this awesome Jazz band!
More songs here.

Thanks to Luke for the tip.

Laval Motion Video

A 5DmkII short film showing an old bridge in the town center of Laval, France. By Regis Hervagault.

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Brilliant set by Lillyan Lilac.

Pretty in Pink

In John Hughes's honour

Nate Williams

These illustrations by Nate Williams are very funky. Unfortunately the pillows are sold out at the moment, but the bags are available, click here to get yours.

I want this crib - Part II

Interior created by Anna Lillja

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Leonardo Soares

Brazilian graphic designer Leonardo Soares created these awesome wallpaper designs. I really love the Volkswagen one!

Chair Whore

A cool blog about chairs and nothing else! I like that!

Juan Felipe Rubio

This Polaroid series by Colombian photographer Juan Felipe Rubio is really cool.
Chck for more here!

Cristian Zuzunaga

Pixel collection by Spanish designer Cristian Zuzunaga is absolutely gorgeous!

State of Love and Trust

Speaking about Cameron Crowe, he's preparing a documentary that will chronicle Pearl Jam's 20 years as a band in 2011. That's Awesome!


Do you remember this Cameron Crowe movie? Yesterday I was thinking about it, I love this movie so much, with all the Seattle/grunge scenario and the best part: Matt Dillon and Pearl Jam, good times!

And of course I can't forget Alice in Chains!

Keila Okubo

Recently I went to an exposition where I came across this great photographer. Keila Okubo is a Brazilian artist, living in São Paulo.