Did you notice a boy in the room?

This Shiseido commercial is mind blowing, it's so original and out of the box for a cosmetic ad. To get even better, the song -  by Japanese music duo Spanova - is infatuating, I'm listening to it non stop even though I can't really understand the lyrics. Pay attention to the piece of art the teacher is holding in the opening scene, look again at the end!

Wonderful Awkwardness!

When you're browsing Instagram you see those perfect lunches, everything is beautiful and awesome, it's quite annoying to be honest, that's why I love this series by Brian Finke, showing real people like me, like you, lunching in front of the computer at work.
All the messiness, the crumbs in your keyboard and of course the multitasking. Please enjoy!

Amazed by the selection of pepper sauce here!

We all do it!

Why not?

Ordinary Magazine

Ordinary Magazine is a art photography magazine, based in Amsterdam,  featuring artists from around the world. The amazing thing is: they take an ordinary object - like the sponge below - and make it extra ordinary through awesome photos. How not to love a cover with a sponge on it? I simply love this issue!

Early Morning Heart!

I'm totally obsessed by breakfast. Probably because I only have black coffee everyday and I dream of having croissants, jam, fruits and all sort of cheeses. That's why I went insane with this amazing instagram account, it's just perfect.


It's 1 am here and I should be sleeping but I'm awake. I'm trying to figure out why did I stop writing in here, why did I lose interest about photography, design and so many other things?
All of those thoughts led me to this amazing photographer called Nirrimi Firebrace, her photos are so stunning and fresh, it makes me happy, it makes me want to go for a walk in the park, to feel the breeze, to eat healthy, well she inspires me.
Last year she went on tour with her favourite band - First Aid Kit - across America and this video is a montage of their adventure. Please enjoy!