Seu Jorge & Almaz

I've been listening to Seu Jorge and Almaz's new album the whole afternoon, and I can say that this is his best album so far.
Props to the beautifully done video, that was made to promote the new album!

José de Holanda

José de Holanda is a young Brazilian photographer who's been working with fashion and music sinde 2009.
I met him at Jose Jame's concert and I got really impressed by his passion for music and his energy to get the best picture.

José is also a music composer and songwriter, but this is something for another post!

Get to know more about José de Holanda here & here.

The Art Of Drinking Tea

Roses Iced Tea, delicious!

Apple cake with walnuts, by Marcia Araujo, perfect with black tea!

Madeleines, Proust's favourites!

The famous camellia sinensis

Today I went to a tea workshop and I discovered I was totally clueless about it. I did not know that the white, green and black tea come from the same plant, camellia sinensis.
I also did not know that the herbal tea (leaves/flowers/fruit/herbs), is called infusion. It's like a new world for me!

I would like to say a big thank you to Teakettle's staff, Sylvia Rodrigues & Luis Fernando Rodrigues, and to Marcia Araujo (psychologist and art therapist), responsible for this delightful workshop!


Here are a few pictures I shot while I spent two days in Barcelona.
While the iPhone might not produce the best quality images, it does bring a certain spontaneity to the art of taking pictures. It gives you the ability to capture the most ephemeral moments while often removing all other context.

Click Here for the full gallery.

Praça dos Pães

Today I had the pleasure of lunching at this very neat bakery called Praça dos Pães (in English, it would be bread square)
This place has everything, different types of bread (white/ brown/sesame) , different types of cakes and cupcakes, handmade panettones, but what really caught my attention was the salad buffet, just perfect!

Ps. the service is great, the staff is really friendly and helpful!

Praça dos Paes is located in Mooca, a traditional neighborhood known by its Italian references.

Casa dos Criadores

Yesterday I went to check this great event called Casa dos Criadores, where young fashion designers get to show their work.

My favourite could not be different, my dear friend Juss, from To Ground Control atelier!
Juss presented us a really fresh/folky/hippy mens wear winter collection, but I will talk about her and her colletion in a different post soon.

Hey Hey Hey

I've been listening to the new Michael Franti's album, The Sound of Sunshine, and I really need to post about this song, the lyrics really made me THINK! Plus this video always makes me happy, it's contagious to see Jay Bowman (guitars) smiling!

This is the part I like most:

Don’t let nobody ever tell you that we couldn’t be one
Don’t let nobody ever tell you that it shouldn’t be sung
Don’t let nobody ever tell you you’re the only one

Hey hey hey, no matter how life is today
There’s just one thing that I got to say
I won’t let another moment slip away
I say hey hey hey, no matter how life is today
There’s just one thing that I got to say
I won’t let another moment slip away
I hold on, I’m trying to hold on

You can see the official video here