I just found this video on the To Ground Control blog and I had to post it here too. First because this is one of my favourite songs of all time, second because Jamiroquai rocks!

PS. If you like Sunny too, please check To Ground Control for the James Brown version.

Studio Mela

I'm crazy about these posters by Shelli from Studio Mela. They are so positive and cute!
Get yours here.


Céu is a singer and songwriter from São Paulo. She released her second album this year, called Vagarosa (translated from Portuguese as “easygoing”). The song above is my favourite one of this album, which is much more jazzy than the first one. Enjoy!

Philippe Apeloig

Philippe Apeloig is a graphic designer from Paris, known for his awesome posters. Check for more here.

Toby Burrows

Australia based photographer Toby Burrows has an awesome portfolio, really worth a check.

via everything such as

Un Sedicesimo

After the photography overload here, it's time for something a little different I think.

Un Sedicesimo is a very interesting magazine that consists of a mere sixteen pages. Each issue has a different author/curater meaning that each edition is a unique piece in itself. The idea is that is becomes a sort of gallery on paper, with a new exhibition every two months.

Subway, the Passengers

In the 1930s Walker Evans photographed passengers in the New Yorker Subway. Using a 35mm camera hidden under his coat he captured the person opposite unobserved. Really awesome!

Table For One

Keeping in line with great photography, here's another great series I found over on twbe. Entitled Table For One, it beautifully depicts people eating by themselves in restaurants. Photographer Samantha Tio manages to capture the mood perfectly as far as I'm concerned.

The Original Hipster

Amazing series by photographer Julia Chesky in collaboration with art director Ali Lee, based on the childrens book The Pushcart War. I love the idea of using a homeless man as a model, it somehow adds extra character and power to the images.

via twbe


Josh Agle, better known as Shag (a contraction of the last two letters of his first name and the two first letters of his last name) is a painter, illustrator and designer from California.
If you are in Culver City, CA, please don't miss his exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery more info here.

Fresh M.I.L.K

Two days ago I was browsing for some photography books and I found this awesome one, Fresh M.I.L.K, that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the original M.I.L.K. competition. This time the theme is friendship, family, love & laughter. It's just lovely! Get yours here.

The Wall

The Wall is book consisting of a series of photos by the German photographer Kai Wiedenhöfer, who has been documenting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for more than a decade.


How's this for a fun video! Directed by Garth Jennings for Vampire Weekend's new single Cousins. Looking forward to the new album.

Zach Gill

Yesterday I watched Jack Johnson's DVD, En Concert and I need to post about Zach Gill here. Zach is part of Jack's band since 2006 with his awesome piano, accordion and amazing live performance. Zach is just brilliant, I had the opportunity of watching his performances three times and had the giant pleasure of meeting him in person, he's a real gentleman. For those who don't know him, he's also part of ALO, Animal Liberation Orchestra, one of my favourites!

Thanks to Oniracom for sharing this video, (I did not manage to extract from my DVD)

Lay Low

Lay Low is a singer-songwriter from Iceland. Her songs are a mix of blues, folk and country. I like the way she mixes all these elements with her sweet voice.

Tip from Luke.

Salva López

Salva López is a graphic designer from Tarragona, Spain. He started taking photos in 2007. His principal interest about photography is the relationship between man and nature. Caught my attention for the beauty and the colours of his photos.

Found at ignant blog

Heaven Can Wait

So here we have it. Heaven Can Wait is the first video off Charlotte Gainsbourg's long awaited new album IRM, produced by Beck and incidentally also features him on vocals for this track.

The video was directed by Keith Schofield who was also responsible for a host of other great videos such as BPA's Toe Jam and Justice + Lenny Kravitz's Let Love Rule.

The Google Story

This nicely done animation by Nick Scott that retraces 11 years of Google.


Eyeone is a really great artist part of Seeking Heaven, a graffiti & art crew established in Los Angeles. I really love his work.

Toro y Moi

Causers of This is Toro y Moi's first of two full-length album set for release in 2010 on Carpark Records. This looks like it's going to be one hell of a record.

You can listen to an extended version of the first track off the album over on GvB.

Hurray For The Riff Raff

Hurray For The Riff Raff is a really cool band from New Orleans, I love the way they mix banjo, double bass, fiddle, accordion, toy piano and the singing saw.


Another photography set that I found and really like: People, by São Paulo based photographer Jorge Brivilati.

Jessica Baker

I just discovered this artist who creates really beautiful leaves arrangements. Jessica Baker lives and works in Brooklyn, where she collects her materials from the streets and parks of Brooklyn, and creates all of her own prints on a table-top etching press in her studio.

If you are in NY check her upcoming exhibition at Soapbox Gallery (636 Dean Street, Brooklyn), starting on december 04th until december 17th.

Found at Art in Brooklyn

Andre di Lucca

Andre Di Lucca is a system engineer from São Paulo whose passion is photography. I really love these Xpro photos, the colours are just amazing!

Robert Jung

Robert Jung is a photographer living in The Netherlands.

Human Empire

The Human Empire is a Hamburg based graphic design and illustration studio. It was started by Jan Kruse and Malte Kaune in 2003. In 2006 Wiebke Schultz joined the team and helped to establish an online shop and two local stores in Hamburg. They have really awesome designs.

I really want to be your friend forever

I just love this song, Laura by Girls.

Evening Tweed

Jez Burrows

Owen Gildersleeve

Sarah King

Tom Rowe

Evening Tweed is a graphic design collective formed in late 2006 by four 2008 graduates of the University Brighton: Jez Burrows, Owen Gildersleeve, Sarah King and Tom Rowe.