How awesome is this place? Besides all organic veggies, beans & grains, Unpackaged - a north London grocery store - placed itself on the front line of the plastic bag revolution.
It works like this: you need to bring your own jar, pot or bag, choose the product and amount you want and voilà! Easy and simple!

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Dujour Magazine

After some hard times Dujour Magazine is back! You can subscribe and check the last issue here.


CowParade is the largest and most successful public art event in the world. These events have been staged in over 50 cities worldwide since 1999. Here in São Paulo, CowParade just started. For two months really colourful cows designed by different artists will decorate the city. I just love this project!
Here you can see all of them.

Jam Session 2.0

Eight people with five instruments from four continents speaking three languages in one song. Awesome!

Tip from Brivilati.

Augusto Alves da Silva

Augusto Alves da Silva is a great photographer from Portugal. If you are in Lisbon please check out his exhibition at Serralves Museum, but hurry up it ends on the February 16th.


Last year I had the pleasure of meeting this great atelier called ToGroundControl. The people behind this atelier are two cute and awesome girls, Juss and Vanessa Bá, who I can now call friends!
If you are in São Paulo please stop by at Rua dos Cariris, 421 - Pinheiros. Really worth a check!

PS. these photos were taken by Juss, who apparently besides being a fashion designer is a great photographer too!!

Edwin Rozendal

Edwin Rozendal is an art director and web designer from Holland. Caught my attention the photos he submited to TEN:15. I just love all of them!

Maria Celeste Chad

Maria Celeste Chad is the responsible for the Brazilian organization called Orientavida (freely translated as Lead life). The goal of this organization is to teach women from a village in São Paulo country side, to sew, to crochet and embroidery technique.
Those women produce really beautiful products such as bags, cushions, table cloths, towels and many other cute items.
I'm in love with these items above, you can get all of them on line here.

I'm Here

I'm here is a 30-minute love story about the relationship between two robots living in LA. Written and directed by Spike Jonze, this short movie looks awesome!
Trailer here.

Thanks to Philip!

Afton Gayle

Afton Gayle is a self-taught photographer and a primary contributor at Brooklyn Prints, which is the sole distributor of his work. Lovely shots!

Found at Art in Brooklyn

Oh Snap Project

I just discovered this awesome project that offers amateur and professional photographers a new platform to share their work, making really cool tees with really cool photos.
If you are a photography lover, get your t-shirt here and also check to the Oh Snap blog to get to know a lot of great photographers.

Plastic Jesus

Everybody must know that I'm a huge Jack Johnson fan by now! Well, I've been discussing religion lately with a great art group that I'm part of and today I noticed how awesome this song is, originally by King Earl Boogie band.

Au Revoir Simone

I was browsing Huh.Magazine and I found this amazing trio from Brooklyn. These three girls just play synthesizers and vintage drum machines, lovely!

Guilherme Kramer

Last year I went to an awesome exhibition at ToGroundControl atelier and I had the opportunity to find this great Brazilian artist. I really love his drawings.

Alvaro Puendes

I just found this amazing photographer from Chile. I'm crazy about his photos!

Rein Janssen - part II

On New Year's Eve I had the opportunity to discuss photography with this great Dutch photographer, Rein Janssen. He has a new portfolio, really worth a check!


One more time Brazilian photographer Brivilati caught my attention with this great set.

Terry's Diary

Terry's Diary is an insight into Terry Richardson's surreal life.

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All Things Ordinary

I have to say here that I got a lot of inspiration to start this blog from All Things Ordinary.
Dear Kara you were my mentor without knowing it! Besides the blog, All Things Ordinary is a zine. If you love photography like I do, you should get it. I got mine before Christmas, but I just had time to post about it now. Enjoy and get yours here.

Amsterdam - part III

Here goes my last photos from my Amsterdam trip, enjoy!

The Right Way

This Marc B song always calms me down when I'm stressed. Since it's Monday night, let's chill out!

Lost | Graffiti in the City of Angels

So I'm back in Brazil with an awesome surprise in my mail. This fantastic zine, a compilation of 12 issues of Lost, from 1998 to 2008. Such great work by Eyeone, who designed and published it.
To know more about Lost, there's a good article here.

Amsterdam - part II

These are the photos I took with my new Holga. Enjoy!