Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner is a lovely short film where you can see Afie Jurvanen (aka Bahamas) visiting his family in northern Ontario. Afie lives in Toronto but grew up immersed in Finnish culture due to his mum's nationality. Simple and delicate like his songs.


A guy in a lion costume and a drummer wearing a pig mask isn't something most might associate with jazz, but this instrumental trio from Toronto sure are the real deal. Mixing traditional jazz of days gone by with the new — or should that be old? — sound of hip-hop and everything in between, we'll be hearing a lot more about these guys in the future.

Their latest offering, BBNG2, can be downloaded for free from

The Road is Home

The Road is Home is a photo diary by brilliant photographer Nirrimi Joy Firebrace. Among the stunning photos, Nirrimi shares life stories about how she fell in love and how it was to become a mum. Beautiful and touching. 
Really worth a check!