Double feature!

If you do not like Carnival, like me, take sometime to dance with your soulmate, or maybe with strangers.

Say Anything!

I know I've been talking only about music, but unfortunately lately, nothing else catch my attention!
Resuming my day: I started with Röyksopp, then Jack Johnson (obviously) everybody must know by now how much I love JJ!
My afternoon was with Miles Davis and my envening just started with Tristan Prettymam, she's so beautiful and her voice is so calming. Enjoy!


The nordics are stored in my mind! This video is just a picture perfect of a dream or something like that! I'm in love with Röyksopp, again!

Music Sunday!

Today is all about Brazilian music! Enjoy!

Céu is a Brazilian singer and songwriter from São Paulo, I simply love her voice!

Get to know her here.