Chic & Basic

This is the soap you will find at the Chic & Basic Hotels, I just love this idea! A new concept of hotel located in Barcelona, Amsterdam and Madrid.

Junior Boys

I recently discovered this band and I really like it. If you are into electronic music, check them out!

If you like chewing gum...

You will like Chewing in Venice, a really cool work by Simone Decker.

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Too good to eat

Swedish photographer Therese Aldgard and stylist Lisa Edsalv joined efforts to create this beautiful work! A set of cupcakes inspired by Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin and Betsey Johnson. Too bad we can't eat them!

No Lifeguard On Duty

This is a great photographic work by J Bennett Fits, showing a series of abandoned pools. Beautiful and sad at the same time!
More pics here.

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This is a Irina Shaposhnikova 2009 collection. Irina is a Russian fashion designer, living in Antwerp, Belgium.

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Elizabeth Weinberg

I love Elizabeth Weinberg's photos, specially the lifestyle ones, like these above.
Check for more pics here!

2UNFOLD Bag by Hard Graft

This is a multi-use laptop bag, handmade in Italy by highly skilled artisans. Besides the fact that is very beautiful, the 2UNFOLD offers eight different ways for you to use it. Check it out!

Jeff Canham

Jeff Canham is a San Francisco based designer who has a really cool portfolio, I really love his designs, especially the poster above, made for Jack Johnson's tour.
You can also check his work in the new Surfer's Journal, Volume 18 NO. 3 - Summer ‘09. Enjoy!

Pedestrian Project

Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn New York, 4 pm, August 2008 / Photo: Gabe Kirchheimer

Berlin, Germany, with Berlin Wall, August 1999

The Pedestrian Project consists of several performers wearing entirely black custom-made costumes modeled after the generic images of men, women, and children, it's like seeing those public signs from the bathroom's door coming to life!
This project started in 1990 and it was performed around the world, from New York City to The Netherlands.
It recently made an appearance in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to help promote "Williamsburg Walks", an event which closed the streets for Pedestrians to use instead of cars during specified hours on the weekends.
This lovely work was created by Yvette Helin, an artist and costume designer living in New York City.

Words are Pictures

I'm not a designer, in fact I'm far from it, but I do love typography and these illustrations caught my attention. They are by Craig Ward, a London based designer who likes playing with words.

Jaime Martinez

Jaime Martinez is a photographer from Mexico who has a unique way of taking pictures.
Check for more pics here.

Rice to Riches

If you are in New York, take a chance to experience Rice to Riches' amazing rice puddings.
The best part is that the rice is served in really cute pots that you can bring home and use as tupperware. You can also buy just the pots, how awesome is that?

Halston Video Lookbook

Halston found an interesting way to show off their fall 2009 collection. I love the fact that they used video instead just images.

The Lady Noir Affair

This is a very elaborate short film to promote the new collection of Dior bags. To give it an authentic noir atmosphere, the film was completely shot in black & white, starring the Oscar nominated actress Marion Cottilard.

Deadline Post-it motion

Created by Bang-yao Liu, this is a very well done stop-motion film. He presented this project at Savannah College of Art and Design.
The Röyksopp's song just fits perfect! Check the making of here

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Cotton Jones

Cotton Jones is a folk-indie band from Maryland USA, I've been listening to their debut album, Paranoid Cocoon, and I love it!

More tunes here.


This is a very creative idea by Kristian Mendoza.

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Melting Perrier

Pretty cool this new Perrier campaign. Congrats to Ogilvy Paris for the great ad!


This is a stop motion puppet animation film, based on the short stories of Etgar Keret, which offers thoughts about the meaning of life.
A very well done animation film, that for me is worth more than $9.99.
If you are in the USA, take the opportunity to watch it. It will be released on June 19th.

Jack Johnson - En Concert!

This is the trailer for the new Jack Johnson DVD which documents his 2008 summer tour across Europe, filmed by Emmett Malloy.

Finally it was confirmed the release date: October 26th (outside of US) and October 27th (US)

Click here for the tracking list.

Interactivity with Cold War Kids

This clever new Cold War Kids video is fully interactive. It lets you mix different musical styles into one song.
Play here!

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Matt Caplin

Eighteen year old Australian photographer Matt Caplin surprises with his stunning shots. On his website he calls himself an advocate in the campaign for realer beauty.
There is absolutely no lack of beauty in his work that's for sure!
Check his work here.

Paper Bag!

This beautiful bag is made of synthetic paper, called Tyvek, 100% recyclable, extremely light but at the same time very robust. A silk-screen printing technique gave the material a particularly attractive look. To make this bag even more chic, the label has a sterling silver flake with an engraved diamond.

Get yours here!

Jazz Liberatorz

Originally from France, Jazz Liberatorz mix jazz with hip hop and they know how to do it! I've been listening to their second album , Fruit Of the Past, and I'm really impressed!