Merry Christmas!

I'm really in love with this band and it's a perfect song to celebrate Christmas! Happy Holidays folks! Enjoy it!

I feel you don't even know how I feel!

December can be overwhelming, you can feel the weight of the whole year in your shoulders, specially when you have a flu, I was really sick last week, that's why I haven't been posting but I'm finally feeling better so I let you with this deep and beautiful song. Happy Sunday!

An Xbox Killed My Dog!

Flying Lotus just put this awesome compilation called Ideas+Drafs+Loops for download on his Facebook page and I'm totally in love with it. This is my favourite track, so groovy and delicious with really peculiar name. Get yours here.

French Tuesday!

I can't stop listening to Air. I was never a bass fan but they take this instrument to a different kind of level of awesomeness. I wish I can see them live one day!

Robotic Monday!

Robots are awesome, we can't deny it and we can totally say 2013 was the year of electronic music and robots!
Just came across this photo shoot for the French magazine M Le Monde with Daft Punk and the Dutch model Saskia de Brauw. This amazing set was shot by legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh, perfect way to finish the year. But this is not enough, to make our Monday more cyber I'm posting this Röyksopp's video - The Girl and the Robot, featuring really beautiful Robyn.

Photo of the Week!

This week I present you, Lance Brewer, from California! His photos get me thinking, that's the purpose right? Happy Sunday folks!

Music Sunday II

People are talking about it, like it's a bad thing, this Macaulay Culkin's band who makes covers of Velvet Underground, changing the lyrics to pizza references, as a Lou Reed's fan and pizza's lover I think it's quite genius! Enjoy and don't forget to order your pizza!

Music Sunday!

It's almost Christmas and I'm going crazy with all the shopping and the traffic in this city, so I have decided to get cds to everybody, my son have chosen Stadium Arcadium - Chili Peppers - what made me very proud, it's one of my favourite albums. To my special "friend" I got this album called Songs in the key of Paul, indie songs inspired by Paul McCartney and I hope you're not checking my blog, otherwise the surprise is ruined, sorry! To the father of my son, my first ex, I got this awesome Belle & Sebastian's album that is so happy, it makes me wanna dance and my favourite song of the album is For the Price of a Cup of Tea and found this video, shot in London, a place I wanted to go since I'm 14 years old, but you know, life took me to other places, never UK, what a bummer, but this grey city is in my list for 2014! Enjoy!

I listened to your problems, now listen to mine!

2013! This was year extremely difficult but surprisingly amazing and if I had to choose a theme for this year would be friendship. I have passed by very hard moments this year and my friends gave me all the support that I needed, I never thought I was so loved and I feel immensely grateful to have only wonderful people around me, I have to say, some of my friends get me annoyed and sometimes I get mad, but friendship is all about forgiveness and love, keep your friends folks, they are the family we choose, they are precious!
I have chosen this song that for me has everything to do with this year, a lot of synthesizers with Julian Casablancas, perfect combo, Daft Punk blows my mind! Let the count down begin, 2014 we want you, so bad!

Steal a car and go to Las Vegas!

Usually I don't post about the same band twice in a roll, but I'm completely in love with these two girls. Marsheaux blow my mind with this Billy Idol's version of Eyes Without a Face, enjoy and happy Thursday!

August Day!

Just got this Marsheaux's cd and I'm going crazy about it. Happily in some august day, this year, after a gap of eight years I went for a coffee with this fabulous, almost perfect person who came here today to give me this awesome cd. I guess I'm in love!


Between cups and cups of coffee, Christopher Owen's songs and skype messages I get rescued by Beach House and their synthesizers and here I am again, thinking about this lover of mine! Happy Monday!

A tribute!

I'm really sad about Paul Walker death and I have decided to post this awesome song from one of my favourite bands ever. R.I.P Paul.


And I'll get by if you stick with me, brother!

There's something magic about Christopher Owens and I can't get what it is, but I spent my Saturday listening to his debut album - Lysandre - and it's quite different, it's more acoustic, more melodic and for my surprise he added saxophone to one of the songs (Riviera Rock) and I like it. He's an excellent guitar player and his lyrics get me thinking, always!