Donald Byrd!

I've been listening a lot of Donald Byrd, specially this song that is from the year I was born, I never get tired of it. Happy Friday and dance!

Perfect Day!

I just came across this tribute Twin Shadow has paid to Lou Reed, with a cover of his classic song "Perfect Day". Dark yet beautiful!

I always have the light on for you!

I never get tired of this song, I've been listening to it for ages and about two months ago I had one of the best moments of my life while I was listening to this song over and over and over.

I want you here tonight!

I was looking for a song to dedicate to this special one in my life and I had to choose the best,  Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan! 

You don't walk alone!

It'so good to see a band so blessed like Edward Sharpe, a band touched by God, their last album it's pure magic, all the songs talk about God and being high with love only and I tell you this, it's totally possible to be high on love, on music, you do not need any drugs, any alcohol to feel happy. Be connected to what is good in life, it can be your job, music, your family, friends, life is full of options, you just need to be open to them. This is my favorite song from their last album, it's called Remember to Rembember, and Jade is shining, so beautiful to see and to listen to. Open your heart and enjoy it! Happy Wednesday!

Alt J!

About a year ago my friend Luke sent me this video, I can't believe I never posted it here, because I have to tell you, this is a masterpiece, I laugh out loud every time I watch it, the fact that they recorded it at some buttons store it's epic. If you don't know Alt J, they are an English band from Leeds. Enjoy!


I was watching Californication and this song came up at the end of the episode and I'm totally in love with it, the piano and the guitar solos are amazing, the band is called Sleepy Sun, from California, I did not know them but I have the feeling I will be listening to them a lot!


The XX was in Brazil this weekend, I could not attend but I just found this video and it's amazing, VCR is definitely my favorite song ever, I only have good memories about it, in fact every time I listen to the XX it's a total bliss, it's a song to fall in love, to listen with your love, so do it!

40 Day Dream!

If you read this blog, you know I'm totally passionate about Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, I have all the albums and I listen their songs like crazy and it's hard for me to chose a favorite song, but this one in particular makes me so happy, I sing and dance when I listen to it and my heart gets filled with joy and love, that's the spirit right? I have hope they can come to Brazil, otherwise I will have to fly to LA to check them live. I love everything that comes from the US but I don't really see myself flying to United States, I have made new plans for 2014, I wanna go to Israel, never thought I would say that, but it's true, the good thing I can fly KLM and stop by Amsterdam. But who knows maybe I will be able to fly twice next year. Back to the song, if you feeling down, please check this out, it's like instant happiness!

I say reaching for Heaven is what I'm on Earth to do!

I would like to talk a little bit about God this week and Jesus had an amazing impact in my life this year, he showed me a new way, a glorious one, a garden full of flowers and fruits, he showed me that life is hard but beautiful to live anywhere, that home is where your love is and love is all around and I'm the living proof that God exists and that being part of a church, part of Jesus Christ community, does not make you boring or old. I still love music, to dance, to have fun, nothing changed just my way to view things, to face the problems, I enjoy praying and talking to my Lord, every single day. Take sometime to talk to God, He never let us down. Happy Monday!

We might live like never before!

Damine Rice is one of my favourites songwriters, nobody talks about love like him, he's totally intense, I could say he's visceral and I love it. I never had the opportunity to check him live but I have found this full concert, it was in Holland - June this year - the whole concert is amazing but the part where he drinks wine and sings Cheers Darling is theatrical, simply fabulous and his Irish accent wins me over. Take some time and watch the whole thing, please enjoy it, he's what we can say a complete artist!

Photo of the week!

I'm amazed by Ibai Acevedo's photos. Completely stunning. Enjoy!

Wake Up!

I had an amazing Friday, I was with this dear friend of mine and he makes me so happy, we were listening to this album, Funeral and I started to listen to Arcade Fire because of him, this year, shame on me, I knew them, but I was not into it and I'm totally in love now - I have chosen this video because it's live in Paradiso, Amsterdam, it's such a great and beautiful venue and if you read this blog you know how passionate I am about Holland - but what I want to share here is, sometimes I don't tell people face to face how great they are, how awesome they make me feel, then I come back home and I feel like calling and saying hey, you're awesome and I love you, but instead I come here and write about it. But this friend of mine is so busy that I'm sure he has not time to come here and read it, I always have to send the song in and write how much I care about him, I'm not good with words in person, I always say the wrong thing, I always had to fix it, texting via phone, email or facebook. What can I do? I'm only good writing it and I have noticed I've been doing this a lot and even when I get a present I don't show myself super excited about it until I get home and then I have picture it and put it on instagram or so, I don't know, sometimes I feel so thankful and grateful that I become speechless because life has being so great lately and I have so many amazing people around me, friends I truly truly love and thank God I write about them and I tell them at least via text how great and special they are.
 Well, this friend in particular, I'm sure he's going to be my friend forever, no matter what, because we were apart for almost eight years and even after all this time he never forgot me, I never forgot him, even though I never ever messaged him all these years, when reconnected, he did say I was kind of bad educated but he was never bitter or anything like that, he understood my reasons. That's real friendship, you know that person will be there for you, no matter what. He proves me that all the time, he's always there for me and he understands me, that's the most awesome thing about him. If you are reading this, you may think I'm in love with this person and I was, but real love between friends is way better than having a shallow and quick passion.
Life is amazing beautiful, why do we need to label things? He's my friend, he's not my boyfriend, not my husband. Why would I need one, I had two already. Now it's time for me to grown up for real and live life taking it easy.
Happy Weekend!

She'll never forget it!

I was listening to this song this morning and besides my huge desire of playing guitar I was taken by this romantic feeling about soul mates, does it really exist? Is that a fairytale? I don't really know, but I have someone in my life and I'm so taken by his awesomeness and I know I can count on him, no matter what that maybe a soul mate does not need to your husband or boyfriend, it can be a friend, for example. I would like to dedicate this post to this darling in my life, he's my best friend at the moment and I adore him. Marcello this is of you!

Butterflies and Zebras

Good Morning! I thought this was going to be a stressing and intense week but it turned out in a pretty good one, I have decided to do ballet classes, again, I did all the sports you can imagine, jazz, swimming classes, aerobics, I was a teacher for two years but I always wanted to be ballerina, of course it's kind of late for that but I can have fun doing classes. This song came up on my Ipod this morning and it's my favourite Hendrix's song, enjoy!

What am I darling?

Damien Rice, he's so deep and intense, I love his lyrics and his songs, he's my favourite Irish artist. I just found this song, I did not know it and it's perfect for today. Enjoy!


Just came across this duo from Portland, they are such a cute couple and their songs are so happy! Made me smile!

Music Monday!

This song is awesome and this video is really beautiful and intense, happy Monday!

I think I'm ready!

To finish this week dedicated to love I had to talk about marriage. I'm single since January and all this time I was telling I did not want to have a serious relationship and marry again, but I guess I'm ready to think about it!. If you read this blog you know I've been married twice already but I'm seriously thinking about the third one, I've been checking wedding blogs, pink weeding dresses, I'm romantic, what can I do? I came across this video, it's a vintage wedding, a really small ceremony and I'm in love with it! Enjoy!

Photo of the week!

This week I present you Frank Juery, an awesome photographer from Paris. Enjoy!

I wanna play guitar!

This song makes me wanna learn to play guitar. When I was 15 I took some classes and I found it very boring so I dropped, then forgot about it. My son got a guitar last year and when he's not here I play it a bit, never tried with the amplifier though, he never let me, he says I break everything, which is not true. Anyways, this song makes me dance and do air guitar, I know lame, but what can I do? Enjoy the music!

Lucky you!

I just came across this video and I'm totally in love with this song, it's so beautiful and romantic! It's Saturday already in Brazil and I wrote Monday that I had feelings this was going to be a good week and it was, almost perfect one, I closed another chapter of my life and I'm ready to start a new one, with fresh people beside me, because life is hard already and at the end of the day we just want to be happy and laugh with silly things, like a TV show, a video on YouTube or a cartoon. A dear friend told me this week: there are always to be demons in your life, you just need to choose which one to stick with. I prefer to stay with those who make me laugh because life is short and problems are made to be solved. Some people like drama, I understand it but life goes on and it has so many beautiful things to offer, you just need to be ready to receive them. In this song he says:

Wherever you will ever be
You're never getting rid of me

When I like a person, I stick to her/him, no matter what and I always be the one who hold them at the end.

Happy weekend!

Scoother Brothers!

I'm a big fan of GTA5, I don't play it but I watch my son playing it and I laugh a lot, specially with Trevor, a Canadian who kills hipsters, so today my son came up this video and I lol'd hard. If you are a GTA's fan, you probably already saw this, but it's just awesome and you should watch it again! Enjoy!


I drive a lot and I'm always in my car and I have been noticing how beautiful Sao Paulo is during winter and now spring, the green of the trees in contrast with the colour of the flowers and the sky are just magical! I made a little video today because first of all I get bored of driving so slow - here the speed limit is 60 km/h pretty much everywhere - and I really wanted to share this beauty, enjoy!

Without you there are no other colours!

I took the week to talk about love, I feel so romantic that I guess I'm really in love! Yesterday I went to therapy and I was so secure about my relationship, my work and family life that she told me I'm done, I don't need to go anymore, it was so fast, I've been seeing her since march, some patients stay 5 years with medication, I'm more than happy I'm cured. I credit Jesus Christ for this big change in my life and I have changed so much since I have found him. I still have a lot of friends who do not believe in God and I simply can not understand that, I hope somehow they can see the truth one day. Continuing about love, this is the song I'm listening to right now. Money Mark - Black Butterfly. I wish some day some guy can write a song like this for me.

You've got me wild, turned around inside!

What to say about Dave Matthews Band? They are awesome and their songs brings up my deepest feelings about love. My closest friends have been telling me how cold I have become these last months towards love and I've telling them I'm a romantic, but nobody seems to believe, I guess they don't really read this blog!

Well even if you are not in love, this song it's perfect to chill, it's what I'm doing, hope you like it as much as I do!

Vou por aí!

I'm crazy about this song, I'm not really into rap, but Marcelo D2 wins me over. Vou por aí in free translation would be I go around, this song talks about travelling and last year I was about to travel to Amsterdam and Portugal, this is the first year in eight years I don't travel, it hurts because I love to travel, but I lost my passport and I've been so lazy to get another one and I thought losing it was a sign that I should stay in Brazil this year, take care of my kid, be closer to my family and friends and I'm truly happy, it's so good to be in touch with my homies and I have such a good ones, I'm passing through some kind of delicate phase, I blogged about it this Monday, I have money issues and I never thought I would have friends caring about it, asking my account number, offering me help and  it's so comforting to feel this love coming from them. Friends are the family we choose and I'm grateful for all of them. Today I want to dedicate this post to this dear friend of mine called Waren Willian. Sweetheart this is for you!

I think about it all the time!

I'm listening to Soldout while I do my expenses report, yes I took the day to work hard! Excel tabs are so boring that I had to stop to blog a bit and all I'm thinking is:

Tell me how you sleep at night
Tell me who to look like 
Teach me how to smile right 
Give me all the time you have 
Tell me how you sleep at night
Tell me how you sleep at night
I think about it all the time
I think of all of the 
All things that I wont need 
All thing that I wont be 
Call it trouble and worries 
All things that I wont keep 
All the letters I wont read 
Everythings for the glory 
Tell me how you sleep at night 
Tell me where you run so fast
I wish you were on my side 
I wish I was on your heart 
Tell me how to camouflage
I think its all they want now
I think about it all the time
 I think of all of the 
 All things that I wont need 
All thing that I wont see 
Call it trouble and worries 
All thing that I wont keep
All the letters I wont read
Everythings for the glory 
All of the pages, the papers, the numbers, 
Remember the burden, the trouble, the pressure of

You talk to me, nicely, you're different!

I just came across this band called Soldout, they are from Brussels and I'm really digging it! Enjoy!

Rebel Rebel!

I went to visit a dear friend today, he's such a joy because every time I go visit him, he cooks for me and I take food very serious! No need to say I'm on cloud 9, I never felt so zen in my life even though I have million of things to solve this week. We both agreed we started the week very good, with great vibes and I'm watching Homeland later tonight so it's all good!

We were listening to this song, David Bowie, no need presentations! Enjoy!

Sheer Simplicity!

Good Morning folks, I woke up listening to this song and this was the first Kings of Convenience's song I ever listened back in July 2006, in Holland, Every time I listen to this song my thoughts travel to that year, I remember coming back from the beach, it was night time and we were listening to this album in the car, it was summer and I can never forget that feeling. Riot on an Empty Street is the name of the album and I can totally say it's my favourite album, from all the CD's I have.

I've been having money issues because I spend too much and this isn't new, I have money issues since forever, not because I earn little or so but because most part of the time I live like I'm a millionaire, I buy a lot of jewelry, expensive creams, lots of Cds, shoes, books, magazines, I go to fancy restaurants, I do a lot massages, manicure, pedicure, hairdresser, if you don't know me you would say I'm shallow, but if you read this blog you know I'm far away from being shallow. I have no limits sometimes and I'm trying to be more simple. In this song he says:

What is there to know? 
All this is what it is 
 You and me alone
 Sheer simplicity

I used to sing this to my son, after all, he's my family and we are such a good team, I knew since my son was in my belly that he would be my best friend forever, and I'm so blessed because he gets me and last week we were talking about cars and I totally hate SUVs or any family car, I have a small one, totally customized, perfect to speed and I yes I love to speed, but here in Brazil it's ridiculous, the speed limit on avenues is 60 Km/h so I have a lot of speed limit tickets this year. What I'm trying to say is, we were talking about big cars and I told him what would we need a big car, it's just two of us, sure that sometimes I give his friends a ride, but never to travel. He said: yes mum, if you get more money in the future let's get  a BMW or an Audi, he's the best I know. So this is the song of the day: know how. I need know how to manage my bank account!

We can all be free!

I was going to write a bunch here and be deep, but sometimes is good to be shallow, so here is what I'm listening to, I'm thinking about love and even though I'm apart from my love right now I write about it to keep me closer and I think we all can be free and love at the same time!

Wear Sunscream!

I saw this very best video in 2005 and I was so affected by every word he says that I've been following his advice since then. I dance, I keep all my love letters, I get plenty of calcium, I enjoy my body and I'm not afraid of it and I wear sunscreen since I'm 20.  But something that really got me was being almost 40 and knowing that life is just beginning. Today I do everything I used to do but with more experience and more energy and I manage to do way more things because I sleep less, I wake up early, go sleep late, so I enjoy life more. I supposed to be a philosopher but I dropped school, I have way too much energy to stay thinking about life, but instead I multitask, everyday, and I'm always thinking about the meaning of my life. What I have learned is that I needed to let it go a lot of things and I did it, this year, and a great new life has opened for me, now I need to stop congratulating myself and stop thinking I'm awesome and get humble, that's what I need. But trust me, wear sunscreen and eye cream, take care of your face and your body, it's your post card. Life is hard, life isn't easy, thank God, otherwise it would be so boring. My point is life is all happiness if you put yourself into it.

Happy Sunday!

Rapha City Riding 2013 Lookbook!

I was going to post photo of the week but I could not let this pass by. Rapha is a cycling British label and this lookback was shot across the European cities of Antwerp and Berlin and it's really amazing, really worth a check!

He was looking for the shelter from the storm...

A person I truly care is passing through a storm and all I want is give him shelter.
This is for you darling, God bless you.

Outrageous Cherry!

What can I say, I'm in love with this band and today I finally got their album - Out there in the dark - and I can totally say that it was one of the best presents I got this year, my darling knows how to make me happy and he knows the most obscure bands, nobody knows this band here in Brazil, besides me and him, I guess, but I think in the US they are very known, they are from Michigan and they are so good! I've been listening non stop, I'm crazy about this album!

This song is one of my favourites of the album, enjoy!

Real People, Fake Arms!

Real People, fake arms is part of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and I have to tell you that I laugh so hard when I watch it and even though it's kind of silly humour it's hilarious at the same time.
In this episode, you can see the singer Miley Cyrus, by the way, did you know she used to do that Disney TV show, Hannah Montana? Well I had no idea, she's so different with the short hair. I love her song We can't Stop, I know it's really pop and teenager, but what can it do, I love it. Enjoy the video!

In Space Outta Sound!

Before talking about Nightmare On Wax, I would like to apologize for so many music posts, I would love to write about art and design again, like in the past, but they shut google reader down, it's very difficult to find something good to write about besides music that is my true love.
Does anybody miss google reader? I still can't believe they did that, I used to love. Anyways, this is one of my favourite albums ever, I recently had the chance to find another copy to give to one of my best friends and I would like to talk about friendship, I see people not giving importance to friendship and being a friend is way more than messaging or texting via Facebook, it's about caring. I worry about all my friends, I pray for them, I text, I call, I show in person and I give presents and I like to receive presents too, that shows you care, it's not about the money, it's about the thought, the time and effort you take, to choose something to somebody you truly care. That's being a friend, otherwise we can't call friendship, that's being colleagues.
Well, that's for today, this song is called Soul Purpose and this is my favourite one from this album. Enjoy!

I think is fine Jack!

Everybody knows I'm a super fan and I'm always listening to Jack Johnson, no matter what, he calms me down. I wrote here that F Stop Blues, was the song of my life, but thinking deep, this is the song of my life. Guess what? I'm tired of trying, so I'm just letting it go! I'm really zen lately and I can't even recognize myself. I try to go green and be totally organic, I have hard times taking shower though, I take long showers, sorry Jack but I reuse the water from the washing machine, I don't buy plastic bottles, we have a filter at home, I don't use plastic bags, when I do, I reuse them as garbage bags. We have a beach house and we are growing a lot of fruits and veggies, it's really awesome, I recommend you to do the same.

I have inside information that Jack will be playing in South America in 2014, I can not wait! 

Sometimes the road will twist and turn!

Good Morning folks, I'm totally inspired today by Zero 7, another band I've been listening to since forever, and this is my favourite song ever. The lyrics are awesome. Get inspired too!

Side one track two 
On a record of you
I've even stuck on a groove 
That I don't wanna lose
Just play it again, as a friend
It's your favorite worn-in shoes 
Now sing me the tune

I have posted this song here already in the past, but it totally deserves a replay!


I love British, Irish and Scottish accents and even though I was married to an Irish man, I totally speak like an american, in fact because of me he pretty much lost his accent. I think the only words I can't never speak is elevator, which I use lift and refrigerator that I prefer fridge. This video is hilarious, enjoy!

Get me away from here, I'm dying!

Oh Life is hard, like Alex Ebert says!  Monday is a very difficult day because I want to solve everything I did not solve on Friday, so here's me between problems with my first husband, the father of my child, memories of my second husband who was my best friend and I will love him as a friend forever and my new romance, an old friend I truly adore, but he has such a complicated life and my work that is the most important of all - and of course my daily mum's tasks that I'm so used to, that I don't even count. I'm here multitasking while I make some french fries for my son, listening to this song, I once sent Phil, when I was trying to get him back, this song is so obvious, when I sent him this song I did not even pay attention to the lyrics I just wanted to impress by sending in a Belle & Sebastian's song, lucky me, he did not pay attention either, his reply was: very cool, thanks for sharing it. Anyway I'm going for lunch, enjoy this song, it's awesome!

Somewhere between waking and sleeping

I've been listening to Air since 2006 , for who does not know they are a French band that I love. This song in particular, is very special for me, it makes me remember of old times, times that I was truly happy, not that I'm unhappy now but I have this feeling of something is missing all the time. Even though I'm surrounded by people, I have a special one in my life, I have family and I have lots and lots of friends, but some days like today I feel completely alone, and I can only find peace somewhere between waking and sleeping! Enjoy!

Without blindness, there is no sight 
You'd see further if you'd only close your eyes 
In unconsciousness I can find peace 
Inside prison walls I can find release 
There is a place that I have seen 

Somewhere between waking and sleeping 
Down at the water's edge 
Somebody waits for me 
Is it too late for me 
It's never too late, he says 
Without blindness, there is no sight 
You'd see further if you'd close your eyes 
Unblock the failure 
Without blindness, there is failure 
People gather by the river 
They were talking 

There is a place that I have seen 
Somewhere between waking and sleeping 
Leaning over the side 
Trailing my fingertips 
Feeling the water slip 
Into the quiet night 

Viewed from the wrong end of a telescope 
I see myself, so far below 
Still and silent, rest in peace 
The thread unravels 
Merciful release 

There is a place that I have seen 
Somewhere between waking and sleeping 
Now I can almost see 
Figures upon the shore 
He's gathering in the oars 
Where are you taking me

In The Kingdom!

Got the new Mazzy Star's album, thanks to my sweet friend Benjamim Karam. It's lovely and my favorite song so far is this one, it's so relaxing, love it!

The World’s Lightest Dining Table!

It's been a long time that I don't talk about design here. Today this table caught my attention, designed by Benjamin Hubert, from UK, this table is about 0.8 mm thick and made from 3-ply birch aircraft plywood, and it's really beautiful.

Kate Spade Spring Collection!

I'm in love with Kate Spade's spring collection, it's so happy with all the citric colours, take a look:

Photo of the week!

This week I have chosen Diego Maldonado Rosas, who says he's not a photographer but a photographist - I'm not sure what he meant with that - but for me he's one of the bests I know. Enjoy!

In love!

I have this song in my Ipod with the great William Shatner featuring. This is a masterpiece: Fear of Pop! Enjoy!


I never thought that raising a teenager would be so difficult, he's almost 14 and he questions everything, he critics everything about me, so I asked him what is so bad about me?
He said: you pretty much never cook, you are always listening to your boring songs, very loud - of course he's talking about Jack Johnson and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - I can't understand, we are were always at the beach, he's been listening to surf music and folk songs since he was 5, what did I do wrong? He made me buy him a Pink Floyd album, damn that is boring! Then I finally get it, his favourite album is Californication, an album I bought in 1999, when I was pregnant, I used to put it for him to dance when he was 1, he used to dance like crazy, damn I miss those Saturday mornings, I miss watching Family Guy while he massages my back, that was last year people! Now he's such a grown up, he's taller than me, very blonde, he's so beautiful, even though he says I'm the most annoying person in this world, he always ends up saying I love you and it's all good.
This post is for you Vini, my favourite song on Californication's album: Scar Tissue and yes I love Antony Kiedis, he's one my heroes, unlike Robert Smith, he knew when to stop being stupid and decided to take care of his body!

Edit: Chili Peppers are playing in Brazil this November and I'm going with you son! That's my present for your birthday! We can talk about play station 4 after that! :p

All we ever wanted was everything!

All we ever got was cold!
This is Bauhaus, deep and intense, just like me! I still want everything and I'm sure I will have it!
Happy Weekend folks!

Just go on!

This is one of my favourite songs ever. I don't know how many times I have listened to this and and I saw Jack Johnson playing this song in Amsterdam - 2010 - and it was really magical for me, I can not never forget that feeling and that moment. I do not know what would I do without his songs. Lots of love JJ, mahalo!

The lyrics are so great, specially because it talks about getting nervous when you fly and about to letting it go:

I get nervous when I fly 
I'm used to walking with my feet 
Turbulence is like a sigh that I can't help but over think 
What is the purpose of my life
If it doesn't ever do 
With learning to let it go 
Live vicariously through you 
You can do the same 
It's the least you can do 
Cause it's a lonely little chain 
If you don't add to it

Come to me!

I've been listening to Bjork since she was with The Sugarcubes, she's amazing and she inspires me. I was looking for a song to post here and I found this one - from the album called Debut - and this song could not be more perfect for the time of my life right now.

come to me 
i'll take care of you
protect you 
calm, calm down 
you're exhausted 
come lie down 
you don't have to explain
i understand

Squid Physics

My son just showed me this guy, he plays all the instruments and it seems he's crazy about GTA. He rocks, enjoy!

I really wanna be your friend forever!

I'm so happy today and it's so good when you find the right person, the right friend, I was really blind for seven years and I had this friend of mine - we met in 2004 - but because my second ex was too jealous I had to cut contact with all my male friends, I asked him to forget me, it was not nice and I was kind of bad educated at the time.
BUT we finally reconnected about two months ago and he's the best friend I could ever have.

So this for you darling, you are the only darling I know, you can be sure of that!

I've tried to be tough
I've tried to be mean
I don't want to be like this
And I hope that you listen, all I'm trying to say is

Reach out and touch me, I'm right here
And I don't want to fight anymore
I really wanna be your friend forever
Friend until the end of it all

I know I've made mistakes
But I'm asking you give me a break
I really wanna be your friend forever
Friends forever

You've been a bitch
I've been an ass
I don't want to point the finger
I just know I don't like it, I don't wanna do this

What can I do?
Is it too late?
I just want to say I'm sorry
And I hope you listen, all I'm trying to say is

Reach out and touch me, I'm right here
And I don't want to fight anymore
I really wanna be your friend forever
Friend until the end of it all

I know I've made mistakes
But I'm asking you give me a break
I really wanna be your friend forever
Friends forever

Laura, baby, I'm right here
And I don't wanna fight anymore
I really wanna be your friend forever
Friend until the end of it all

I know I've made mistakes
But I'm asking you to give me a break
I really wanna be your friend forever
Friends forever

Ways To Go!

My sweet friend Luke, just sent me this song and I really dig it! The band is called Grouplove and they are from Los Angeles, California. Hope you like it!


We are talking here about a one man band, Guilherme Folco aka Multisambofônico , is a multi- instrumentalist from São Paulo, a great musician that I truly admire. His songs are so groovy,
full of good vibes. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!