It's so far, so far away from home!

I'm totally in love with this song, the lyrics touched my heart and I think I already posted this song here, but it deserves a replay. Christopher Owens wins me over, I just love him and the guitars at the end, what can I say? Pure bliss!

And your eyes were cold as the ocean...

I've been thinking about the existence of a soul mate and if you can really love more than once, I still have no answer to it but I suppose when you listen to a song like this and you remember your old love, it means you only love once. Too bad his eyes are cold as the ocean now. Happy Thursday!

When enough is enough?

I've been thinking about it lately, because my heart seems to insist in somebody that does not care about me anymore and I was about to finally give up but then I saw this video:

Ps: I just love Chirstopher Owens!


Very slow Monday here and I'm checking my old Ipod, just found this amazing album: Tycho - Sunrise Projector and I'm in total bliss with this song. Enjoy!


In 2012 I downloaded a winter playlist from Kinfolk Magazine and as usual I probably listened to one or two songs. Today I decided to look for something to sleep and I found this delicate, calm and at the same time deep song, from this duet called Orcas, this song is part of that playlist that I totally ignored two years ago and now I'm completely in love with it. What is the lesson here? Timing is crucial, it's ok to ignore somethings but it's very important to keep them and this apply to people too, you never know when you are gonna need a person, some comfort of an old song, some words from a ignored book. Well that gives me hope, because that special one will find me back eventually, there's time.
Enjoy and happy Wednesday!


My sweet friend Luke sent me this song a couple of weeks ago and he said it was special for me because it talks about God in a really cool and awesome way. Luke knows I love folk music and this one, could not be more perfect. I try to have very good relationship with the Guy Upstairs, if you know what I mean ;)

Then to make me more happy Luke sent me the whole album and it's amazing, it's not religious, it's perfect to chill, it makes me very calm. The band in fact is a duet called The Welcome Wagon and they are from Brooklyn, NY. Really worth a check!

Finally we are no one!

Sorry guys, It's been a while, my work and personal life were dragging me down and today part of it, to be more clear, my work problems were solved, not in the way I wanted but let's say I have more possibilities now to be happy and more productive.
I'm having problems to sleep since December last year, so I need to take medicine to sleep every night and that makes me lazy and quite down during the day, that's why I stopped posting. Today I have decided that I need to come back to be myself again, no matter what, because my work situation was making me fade away. This is my first step to a big change and nothing better than start with music. I love this band, I've been listening to them since 2007 or so, usually I play their albuns when I go to sleep because they are so calm and comforting. If you don't know them, the band is called Múm and they are from Iceland.
The video below is from the album - Finally we are no one - one of my favourites. it brings me back to a very happy phase of my life, probably the phase I was happiest but also gives me hope to keep fighting for better days. Enjoy!

Robert Samuel Hanson

Robert Samuel Hanson has an incredible portfolio. I really love his illustrations, especially these above, based on a week in Brooklyn for a solo show at Analogue Books in Edinburgh.


It's been a while, I've been very lazy to post but today I found this video that needs to be shared. This is the new video from Camera Obscura, a band from Glasgow that I truly love. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

I'm really in love with this band and it's a perfect song to celebrate Christmas! Happy Holidays folks! Enjoy it!

I feel you don't even know how I feel!

December can be overwhelming, you can feel the weight of the whole year in your shoulders, specially when you have a flu, I was really sick last week, that's why I haven't been posting but I'm finally feeling better so I let you with this deep and beautiful song. Happy Sunday!

An Xbox Killed My Dog!

Flying Lotus just put this awesome compilation called Ideas+Drafs+Loops for download on his Facebook page and I'm totally in love with it. This is my favourite track, so groovy and delicious with really peculiar name. Get yours here.

French Tuesday!

I can't stop listening to Air. I was never a bass fan but they take this instrument to a different kind of level of awesomeness. I wish I can see them live one day!

Robotic Monday!

Robots are awesome, we can't deny it and we can totally say 2013 was the year of electronic music and robots!
Just came across this photo shoot for the French magazine M Le Monde with Daft Punk and the Dutch model Saskia de Brauw. This amazing set was shot by legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh, perfect way to finish the year. But this is not enough, to make our Monday more cyber I'm posting this Röyksopp's video - The Girl and the Robot, featuring really beautiful Robyn.

Photo of the Week!

This week I present you, Lance Brewer, from California! His photos get me thinking, that's the purpose right? Happy Sunday folks!