Did you notice a boy in the room?

This Shiseido commercial is mind blowing, it's so original and out of the box for a cosmetic ad. To get even better the song -  by Japanese music duo Spanova - is infatuating, I'm listening to it non stop even though I can't really understand the lyrics. Pay attention to the piece of art the teacher is holding in the opening scene, look again at the end!

Wonderful Awkwardness!

When you're browsing Instagram you see those perfect lunches, everything is beautiful and awesome, it's quite annoying to be honest, that's why I love this series by Brian Finke, showing real people like me, like you, lunching in front of the computer at work.
All the messiness, the crumbs in your keyboard and of course the multitasking. Please enjoy!

Amazed by the selection of pepper sauce here!

We all do it!

Why not?

Ordinary Magazine

Ordinary Magazine is a art photography magazine, based in Amsterdam,  featuring artists from around the world. The amazing thing is: they take an ordinary object - like the sponge below - and make it extra ordinary though awesome photos. How not to love a cover with a sponge on it? I simply love this issue!

Early Morning Heart!

I'm totally obsessed by breakfast. Probably because I only have black coffee everyday and I dream of having croissants, jam, fruits and all sort of cheeses. That's why I went insane with this amazing instagram account, it's just perfect.


It's 1 am here and I should be sleeping but I'm awake trying to figure out why did I stop writing here, why did I lose interest about photography, design and so many other things?
All of those thoughts led me to this amazing photographer called Nirrimi Firebrace, her photos are so stunning and fresh, it makes me happy, it makes me want to go for a walk in the park, to feel the breeze, to eat healthy, well she inspires me.
Last year she went on tour with her favourite band - First Aid Kit - across America and this video is a montage of their adventure. Please enjoy!

Looking for an easy feeling!

Wow, i'ts been ages, I feel ashamed that my last post was in January, I could just say I was busy but the truth is I've been through a difficult period and I did not feel like writing at all and to be completely honest I did not find anything interesting to post here until today.
If you read this blog you know that music is one of the things that keeps me going, so guess who's the responsible for giving me this easy feeling I was looking for? Matt Costa, of course! This is his new EP - Neon Brain - and you can check it out here:

Funny how things never change!

Do things really change? Do we actually change?
Things you like, such as music, tv shows, people in general, the way you act, they never change. You can pass through phases where you change your hair, your habits, your make up, try different type of food, drinks, but at the end you always come back to what you were. Of course you get more mature, more responsible, but the essence never fades away. Cheers to that!

There's something good about you!

There are some kind of people that no matter what they do, deep down there is always something good hidden, like a little treasure, that only you can see. I have this person in my life that made me mad for many times but every time I think about him, this something good comes along and melt my heart. This song is so old but it's gentle like my thoughts about this person. Enjoy!


Alexandre Farto (aka Vhils) has an unique way to work, using a power drill and different types of paint, Vhils literally scratches off the surface of buildings to create his murals. Beautiful!

Photo of the week!

James Chororos from New York take us to a journy of daily moments with this fabulous project called Everyday. Enjoy!

But if love is not for fun, then it's doomed!

It's been a long time, I'm just being lazy to write, but I feel that it's time to come back, specially after checking this new Damien Rice's song. Finally a new album, what can I say, I just love him, I can say he's my first Irish passion!
About this song, besides the wonderful melody what caught my attention is the way he says - I can wait without waiting - like I said many times here, nobody understands love like he does.

Dille & Kamille

Do you know that kind of place you get in, want to buy everything, because all the products are so cute and well done?
Dille & Kamille it's that kind of store, the one I've been is in Holland (Leiden), but they do have many other address in Holland and Belgium. If you are around these places please take a look!

I left it behind!

I just came across this song and it's just perfect! If you're needing an advice today, just let it go and if you have a problem, just forget about it! Happy Friday!

We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year!

I never really liked Pink Floyd, but my son is getting these guitar classes and he's actually pretty good at it and he learned to play this song and it made me fall in love with it. It makes me think how much I love this boy, the funny thing is that when I became a mother I never thought he would be teaching and showing me things. Life sometimes is so hard but when I see him playing, all the problems go away and my heart overflows with love. Enjoy!


I just came across this amazing Irish singer - Andrew Hozier-Byrne - I'm very touched by his songs, voice and everything. It made my day and I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did. Happy Monday!