I just can't get the thought of you and him out of my head!

Would it be too much to say that Alex Turner and Miles Kane are genious?  There are no doubts that they are great as musicians but they reached a whole new level with their new album - Everything You've Come To Expect - it's probably the best album of 2016, in my opinion. What caught my attention about The Last Shadow Puppets was always the richness of the melodies, the variety of instruments they use and of course incredible sparkle that irradiates from Miles and Alex, they are like these twin brothers from different mothers. The energy on the stage, the wardrobe, they just don't care, it's so engaging, I just can't get the thought of them out of my head!
No wonder the album is number one in UK and all the concerts are full and the girls and guys go crazy. They were smart enough to deliver good music + good looking + sexiness = success!

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