I just found this awesome visual notepad with photos taken by Thomas Høedholt, a graphic designer from Copenhagen.
If you love photography like I do, please take a look.

180° SOUTH

180° SOUTH is the story of one of the most unique and prolific environmentalists of our time - Yvon Chouinard. In this film, Chris Malloy show us the adventures of Jeff Johnson as he retraces the epic Chouinard's 1968 trip to Patagonia.

Edit. I just listened the soundtrack and it's great. Really worth a check.

Marc B by Jeffrey Shipley

From Santa Barbara, CA, Jeffrey Shipley has a really great portfolio. I love this photo shoot for singer and songwriter Marc B. Just awesome!

Julie Blackmon

I really like the fictional way that Julie Blackmon shows life in her photos.


This is for my friend Bá, from ToGroundControl blog. We never managed to have a coffee together, so here is my virtual one!

Cafe Kobalt Amsterdam

This is one of my favourite bars in Amsterdam, really close to the train station, good beers, good food and great ambient!


Mouski is a little kid who worries about the environment. Really cute illustraton by Rob Nova.

Juss, Summer 2011

My frind Juss, from ToGroundControl atelier, just realised this fabulous men's collection. Juss, you rock!

...and we are back!!!!

Hello Folks! Coisa is back and I promise to update it at least once per day!!!
Above, you can see an awesome photo by Nirrimi Hakanson, from Australia. Can you believe she's only 17 years old??!!