It's like my Ipod knows me deeply, this is what I'm current listening to, lovely song - Magic Numbers - my favourite British band!

This is for a special friend of mine, that I truly care!

Have a great saturday folks!!!

That woman is a devil, yes I know!

Somebody I deeply know told me that's my song! It's a Matt Costa's song and I took it as a compliment:

"She laid me down in a golden sheets Lord, save me, Lord, I was knee deep And a hundred soldiers and a thousand men Couldn't drag me down, but I'm back on my knees again!"

Love this song, love Matt Costa!

Bela Lugosi's dead!

To start the day or to finish the night, this awesome Nouvelle Vague's version! Enjoy! :)


A very special friend sent me this song and it's very beautiful, I simply love the harmonica at the end.
Hope you enjoy it, as much as I did! :)

It's so easy when the whole world fits inside of your arms!

It's Friday and I'm so so happy, my mum always said: when God closes a window He opens a door! -  and she's so right -I have lost two people I have cared a lot, but HE gave me not the double, he gave me a dozen of new friends, people who take care of me, people who truly care. I'm so grateful that I feel like crying of happiness!
I would like to mention all these people here but it's not necessary, they simply know!

So this is the quote of the day: we got everything we need and everything we need is enough!

You never do anything by yourself!

I've been writing here that I admire and truly love Alexander Ebert and some of my friends are saying what's going on with you? Well, things were really hard and I felt pretty lost for a long long time and I just got better with the support of my family and friends, so you never ever do anything by yourself!
The video below can explain a little bit of Alex Ebert philosophy of life that I share with my heart!

Dior Homme Fall 2013 Fragrance Campaign!

Really stunning this Dior campaign, featuring English actor Robert Pattinson, shot by by iconic American photographer Nan Goldin. Pure love!

Another kind of Green!

John Mayer is playing in Brazil next month and of course I'm going! He's one of the best guitarists I know, along with Robert Smith and Johnny Marr! So this is the song of the day! Enjoy!


I've been to many places in Europe but nothing can compare with the beauty of Amsterdam, I simply love that city so much, I only live here in Brazil right now, because my son does not want to go, but I'm sure I'm gonna live there in the future. If you don't know this amazing city, I recommend you to stay at Conscious Hotel, where everything is organic, from the bed sheets to the blankets, even organic champagne they have and it's delicious. it's really close to the Vondelpark, located at Overtoom street, that hood is known for all the organic and natural places, such as Marqt, a organic supermarket that I simply love. Another great hotel is Citizen M, really close to the airport that is kind of far away from the city, then you need to rent a bike or use the great dutch public transport, you can use trains, subway or trams. Enjoy!

Your love is Mine!

This is the song I'm current listening to and I will probably listen to it like 1000 times, I totally forgot I had this album - Nostalgia 77 feat. Corinne Bailey Rae.

Money Mark!

Mark Ramos Nishita aka Money Mark, is a producer and musician that I truly love. I've been listening to him since forever and only today I really paid attention to the lyrics of this song, called "pick up the pieces".
I went to check the video and I'm not surprised that it's an awesome one. Hope you like!


It's on line! Another Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros's new song! Crazy beautiful! I had the courage to sing along with them - they had a promo where you can send in your own video singing along with them this song, and if you are good, you can be part of their new video, for this song - I sing terrible so I don't know if I will make it! :p


If you don't know this TV show already, please check the video below, they explain since season 1, Seriously it's the best show on TV nowadays.


Auto-Reverse - Official Video!

I know I have posted this song here already, but now the official video is up and it's extremely well done, it was shot one of the Rio de Janeiro's communities, and the song talks about being happy, no matter what, finding joy in things most of people don't care.   I love O Rappa anyway, it's my favourite Brazilian band, their lyrics inspire me, give me strength and make me happy!

Funny how things can change!

In 2006 I packed my whole apartment, everything I had fit into a small Ford Ka, I went back to my parents place and decided to go meet someone in Amsterdam, the one I thought it would be man of my life. That day I was listening this song out loud. Seven years later, my second ex and I packed everything again, this time it was only necessary 4 suitcases I think, it was a hard and long process because I did not want to let him go, I went to live in downtown by myself for a month and decided I should come back home (my parents place) again. So here I am, listening to this song one more time, and it's funny that Tristan and Jason almost got married too. But what is meant to be would be! Feeling happy and blessed. Enjoy!

Music Monday!

This Alexander Ebert feat The RZA, really nice version! Good Morning! :)

I love you but!

I just found this song by an accident, what a beautiful song Marc Beauregard! Damn the violins, I just love it! I cannot wait for your new album.

I have chosen to be God's friend!

I'm not an evangelic but I truly believe in God and Jesus Christ and it makes me sad to see that so many photographer, musicians, filmmakers and designers I know can not believe in God's existence. This post is dedicated to all my friends, brothers and sister who believe in God, not matter the religion, because we share the same Lord, the same king. This Bob Marley's song is about this, it's about being God's friend. Enjoy!

Music of my life!

This song, it's my favourite since 2005, because Jack knocks on the guitar's wood while playing and that makes me go insane of happiness! Way before I understand what he was saying, I used to love this song so much. A month ago I think, I was talking to a very dear friend Jacob Tell from Oniracom (responsible for JJ's website) and I asked if this song was about shooting and filming and he said yes, that Jack Johnson wrote this song as he was filming "Thicker Than Water" - amazing surf film btw- with 16mm and Bolex film cameras. he also said: "We're talking old school FILM. the sea-sickness was a real thing that the crew and surfers went through on that trip which is part of the lyrics".
I love this song so much, it calms me down, inspires me, thank you for writing this JJ.

Edit: This song is from September Sessions another surf fim from JJ.


Somebody Sweet To Talk To!

Yesterday I was listening to this album in the car and I'm completely in love with it! Besides I finally found somebody sweet to talk to! Happy saturday! :)

São Paulo!

Get to know São Paulo city, that's my hometown, it's stressful, dirty and polluted, but beautiful at the same time!

Ritz restaurant - Alameda Franca - my favourite ever!

I Need To Give This Broken Heart Away!

It's hard to take all the blame for all the bad things that happen in your life. I took me almost 8 months to see that I broke a lot of rainbows and burnt a lot of bridges and due to my behavior I lost my best friend. I said goodbye to him like 1000 times, but it seems never enough.
This song, it's so important to me, because in 2006 I have a super broken English and I could not get the lyrics and at the time I could not find it on the internet, so this friend, send me the lyrics via email. I can't never forget that.

I'm happy, I'm loving life but I'm still heart broken, so this is the song for today because I need to give this broken heart away!

All my life I have learned to say goodbye, but it still hurts 
Are we defined by what we hold? 
But armor breaks and fire burns 
On the way to lessons learned 
Thoughts escape just like it burned
Off into the moonlight I need to give this broken heart away
So I close my eyes
And wish you the goodbye, that I had hoped I'd never have to say I'll miss your smile 
Oh, this may take more then a little while 
And you know I'm no good at chasing things that I should 
Another rainbow I broke. 
I never told you how much you gave to him, but I know you know and that's enough 
Off into the moonlight I need to give this broken heart away 
So I close my eyes 
And wish you the goodbye, that I had hoped I'd never have to say I'll miss your smile 
Oh, this may take more then a little while.

Go slow!

This is an advice for myself, I go too fast everywhere, I'm way too fast and it seems nobody is keeping my pace, lately!

Just found this video, The XX, playing in Amsterdam, pure joy!

Fade Into You!

I love Mazzy Star and Hope Sandoval, I've been listening to them since 1999, and I get to know then through that TV show Felicity, I think I already told this here, I was pregnant then, I remember like it was yesterday and I think Fade Into You is definitely the song of my life, it's intense and deep, exactly like me. I can't count how many times I have listened to this song and I'm never tired of it. Good Morning folks! :)

Flowers in December - Mazzy Star

They say every man goes blind in his heart, And they say everybody steals somebody's heart away. And I got nothing more to say about it.

I believe in miracles!

I think I got this song from my sweet friend Benjamim Karam, who's responsible for pretty much 70% of my Itunes and I just love this song so much, makes me wanna dance right now!

Lark - Au Revoir Simone!

This is a Au Revoir Simone's song and it's pretty awesome, enjoy!

Did I tell you we live by the river now?!!!

Yes, I'm back to my parents place and we have a river close, a very polluted one though! But this post is about this video I just found, it's an old one from 2009, but it's really cool. I'm sure you are going to enjoy it! If you don't know already, this is Marc Beauregard!

Never Change!

I just found this video, this song is part of Matt Costa's new album, that I adore. Enjoy! I'ts simply beautiful.

I'm turning back to the woman I once was!

This video sums up everything I have passed these last 7 years. Finally those times are coming to an end, it had to end and I know this now! Thanks for all the support Philip, at the end of the day you are a good person and I always knew it.

I love my God!

I don't think I need to tell anything about this band, if you read this blog you know how much I love Edward Sharpe and Alexander Ebert, they inspire me, every day! This video is awesome, it's pure good vibes! :)

Here Is The House!

Feeling very nostalgic, I used to love Depeche Mode, I remember that my first ex-husband bought an album and it was a deluxe edition and it was so expensive at the time that he got it with an old friend we had. We ended up with the album and years later I sold it, I think, a crying shame. Enjoy! :)

That boy needs therapy!

Came across this video though my sweet friend Waren William and I just can't stop watching it! It's crazy, insane and hilarious at the same time!

Music Tuesday!

I'm re-posting this from my friend on Facebook, a very very talented photographer Diego Ciarlariello! Enjoy!

Sofa Café!

This is an awesome coffee place here in São Paulo, it's really petit and cosy, I really like this place. This week we are having SP Coffee Week which means you can go to this cute place and get coffee and homemade cakes with special prices. If you are in town, please check this out.

They have more than one address but the one picture here is on Alameda Franca, 1104 - Jardins - São Paulo.

I found the world so new!

Just came across this Australian band through an old friend of mine - Waren William - and I'm loving it, specially this song and amazing video. Enjoy!

Luscious Life!

I'm completely in love with Patrick Watson since forever! I woke up listening to this song today and I'm listening to it on and on. For who does not know Patrick - he is a musician and songwriter from Canada. He's simply amazing. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Music Monday!

Once again I'm listening to Born Ruffians - In A Mirror - lovely song, Luke Lalonde always hit me with his killer lyrics.
If you don't know them, they are indie band from Canada. Enjoy!

311 - Love Song!

This is an awesome The Cure's version and this song is simply amazing, like all Cure songs and I also love 311!!!

Once again, tip from Flavio Guero!

Kings of Convenience

Yes, I'm posting about them again, can you believe some people don't know this band? Another day I was at the supermarket and when I was leaving a guy came to help me with my grocery shopping, he was an Erlend Oye alike and when I mentioned KOC, he simply said I don't know them, but I will check them out. So this post is for you who does not know this awesome band, they are from Bergen, Norway, it's only two amazing guys Erlend Øye & Eirik Glambek Bøe. I love all the songs, all the melodies and all the lyrics! si

Find Enjoyment!

This is what I'm listening to right now, Ray Barbee! So chill, damn I miss the beach!

Peaches and Cream!

I simply love this song for so long - pretty much since 2006 - and he made it for his little girl and his wife and I'm dedicating this to my lovely son, my reason, he's my peaches and cream & more! Vini you fill my half empty cup, do not ever forget that!

I wanna find myself by the sea!

I've been listening to The XX since 2009 and this is my favourite song so far. Good Morning and Happy Saturday!


Auto Reverse again!

I posted this song here already, but this is a vid lyric and I just love O Rappa so much that I needed to post this song again! If you are trying to learn a bit of Portuguese, this is a good opportunity! Enjoy!

The Fab Sisters!

Got this video in my inbox yesterday, really awesome! They rock!

Life is something to behold!

I have no words to describe how much I love this song, I'm completely in love with their new album. I pre-ordered already and I cannot wait to have it here.

You rearrange my mind!

This post is dedicated to a very special friend, who introduced me to Miles Kane. I've been listening to him non stop, specially this song, I love the lyrics that goes like:

 "I wanna make your smoke and kisses black and white
 measure all your spinning whispers in the loose moonlight 
magic from your fingers tingles down my spine 
colour in-between the lines 
let it out, let it out, let it all out let it out,
let it out, let it all out
you rearrange my mind"

Enjoy and happy friday! :)


36 years without Elvis! :(

This is another tip from my friend Flavio Guero.

Music Thursday!

I just love this Koop's song, it's old but so happy, makes me feel like dancing! Good Morning folks! :) Ps. if you don't know Koop they are a band from Sweden, their music is a mix of eletronic & jazz, meaning awesomeness!!!

Diego Ciarlariello!

Diego Ciarlariello is a São Paulo based photographer that I admire and love. He's extremely talented and his portfolio is just amazing, really worth a check!

Edit: This stunning lady is a singer called Karina Buhr

Not Sure What To Call This Thing!

Not Sure What To Call This Thing is a blog dedicated to photography. It's a place I share pictures I take and photos of my favourite photographers. Please take a look!

The Meeting Place!

My sweet sweet friend Marcello just sent me this video and I'm totally in love with it. I did not know this band, so glad he sent me that, feeling so good right now :)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Garotas Suecas

Garotas Suecas is a Sao Paulo based band that I'm listening to right now and I'm liking it! 

This is a tip from Rafael Charnet.

My cup is half full!

Really cloudy day here in Sao Paulo, the yellow moon won't come back to play today, but we're going out to feel the wind wearing boots, wooohooo!!! Gonna love one day of winter! :)

You could never know!

Good Morning folks, woke up full of energy listening to my personal guru Jack Johnson! Yeah that sounded tacky I know, but let's be honest here he's such a great songwriter:

"Knock knock on the door to door
Tell ya that the metaphor is better than yours
And you can either sink or swim
Things are looking pretty grim
If you don't believe in what this one feeding
Its got no feeling
So I read it again
And again and again
Just seems the same
Too many different names
Our hearts are strong our heads are weak
We'll always be competing never knowing"

Self Portraits

I'm not a photographer but I do like to take photos and play with my camera and my Iphone, Photography is one of my passions. This is my favourite selfie, I took it in 2011 with a Nikon coolpix P100 that I'm selling to get a better one. If you live in São Paulo and are interested, email me.

Tive Razão!

This is a Seu Jorge's song and this video is just amazing, Bill Murray makes a small part at the end. Pure love!

The Royal Tenenbawams

This is my Wes Anderson's favourite movie. Margot, the character is one I like most, because she's so chic, intelligent and depressive at the same time. All the actors are great, specially Bill Murray - in this scene - after seeing all her report he only says: ah she smokes! Wes Anderson is a genius! Enjoy!

Le Monde!

If you want to chill, Thievery Corporation is the solution for you. Night Night! :)


I've been to many places in Europe but never been to California! I don't even have a visa yet, a crying shame since I work for an american company located in Miami.

Well, I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be my year and finally I will get to know Los Angeles and San Diego & more. Hope to check Jack Johnson live again, Tristan Prettyman, Matt Costa, G. Love and Marc Beauregad. My favs in America.

Edit: I need to check Cali Conscious live, such a great band!

Ah, and of course I'm going to visit Oniracom, lots of love guys!


So, it feels like I'm 20 again, I'm single again, I'm back to school and of course I'm back to the 90's!

This song is part of the movie Singles, from 1992, directed by Cameron Crowe. The whole soundtrack is amazing, I had this in vinyl but of course I have lost this one too! (Mental note: be more careful with your boxes while moving in to another apartment, next time).


Let's unite and take over!

Ok, just a little bit, let's not rob any store! :) Happy Monday!

This was a tip from my sweet and olf friend Flavio Guero.

I have faith!

One more time I'm posting about O Rappa, my favorite Brazilian band, from Rio de Janeiro. 
This is one of my favorite songs and the song talks about having faith, no having any sponsor, being alone, starting from zero, having faith in Christ, but not that one from the bible a Christ without a crucifix, about having good character. This is a strong and beautiful song. Enjoy!

Daddy, this is for you!

Here in Brazil we're celebrating father's day and my dad's is a huge Johnny Rivers's fan!

Homeland is almost here again!

I don't know you guys but I'm completely in love with the TV show Homeland. I think it is one of the beast series on TV actually. Claire Danes amazes me with her talent.

So, the new season is going to begin in September and we have a trailer, yes!!! The song chosen to this trailer could bot be better - To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra - amazing and touching, yesterday when I watched it I almost cried.

It's war!

My sweet friend Keid Sammour just posted this video on Facebook and I had to re-post here, because it's one of my favorite Morrissey's songs! Love him!

Happy Saturday!!!

I have my rock moves!

I just found this video and it's just hilarious, I have a lot of fun with her videos!

It's Friday! Radiate!

So happy, another new song available! Jack Johnson always makes me smile! :)

Happy Friday folks!

Auto Reverse

This is a new O Rappa's song - if you don't know them - you should really check them up!

Cali Conscious!

This is what I'm currently listening to - a California based awesome band - called Cali Conscious.
Their songs are pure good vibes! Could not be more happy now :)
Enjoy folks!

Blue Bell

I had the great opportunity to check this awesome Sao Paulo based singer live, some while ago. Her voice is so sweet and delicate,  her music is a mix of jazz, blues and soul. It's just lovely!

We can change the world but we can change the way we live!

This is a Bonobo's song featuring Ruby Wood. Ive been listening to Bonobo since 2006 and I'm still in love with their music. This live version is just awesome. Enjoy! Good Morning folks! :)


This a new Born Ruffians's song, I was going to say that don't have very much to say, that the video speaks by itself, but paying closer attention to the lyrics I have decided to post the lyrics too, because it has everything to do with me.

I belong to no one, a song without an album
Long forgotten maxim spoken to the sea
I belong with no one, I belong with no one
I belong with no one, you belong with me
When I was a boy I wished that I was older
Wished that I was taller, tall enough to see
See the things I see today, now I wish they’d go away
Out and let me far astray, astray from what I need

Needle in the hay, lost but in my place
Peaceful in my way, hope I never have to sow again
Tumble, tumble down as I take the ground
Make a mighty sound, know what I am, know when I found a way 

A way, a way, a way to always belong
Belong, belong, wont be long until I am gone 
A way, a way, a way to always belong
Belong, belong, wont be long until I am gone 

I am just a no one, I’m the same as everyone
Spinning underneath the sun, head between my knees
I belong to no one, I am a minimum
Rolling into bigger sums adding them to me

Needle in the hay, lost but in my place
Peaceful in my way, hope I never have to sow again
Tumble, tumble down as I take the ground
Make a mighty sound, know what I am, know when I found a way 

A way, a way, a way to always belong
Belong, belong, wont be long until I am gone 
A way, a way, a way to always belong
Belong, belong, wont be long until I am gone 

A way, belong
A way, belong

The truth is, we were much too young...

This is a song from the band Koop, an eletronic jazz duet from Sweden. I love them. I've been listening to them since 2006 and I'm feeling very nostalgic now. Enjoy, this video is really well done!

Rocket Woman!

I don't give Elton John the importance he deserves, he's such a great songwriter, his old songs are so touching, like this one, it makes me wanna cry! So beautiful:

And all this science, I don't understand 
It's just my job five days a week 
A rocket man, a rocket man 

And I think it's gonna be a long, long time ‘til touch down brings me round again to find I'm not the man they think I am at home 
Oh no, no, no, I'm a rocket man 
Rocket man, burning out his fuse up here alone 

Deep down!

This is what I'm listening to right now, Nightmares On Wax it's simply great, specially this song, a mix of african beat & salsa. Love it!

I put a spell on you!

I've been thinking about She&Him and today I have talked to an old friend of mine he said he's been listening to them so I found this video and it's just perfect for the time of my life now.

Taking on responsibility knowing it will weigh you down...

Yes, I'm quoting lyrics again! This is from 1517 - The Whitest Boy Alive. Love this song and love the band, as you may know! 
Happy Monday! :)

Summertime Flows!

It's winter here, but it feels like summer, really sunny and beautiful, so this day asks for Marc Beauregard!

Tristan Prettyman

Did a little interview with this awesome singer a while ago, she's such an inspiration for me! Enjoy!

Coisa: I know that you have a really healthy lifestyle, can you tell me a little bit more about it, was you always like this? (I think it's great, by the way)

TP: I’ve always been pretty healthy all of my life. I grew up in a family where we never had any "junk food" "fast food" or processed food. Everything was prepared daily, from fresh ingredients, either from our garden or the local health food store. As I have gotten older, a healthy diet has become something that is super important to me. I love food, but I also make sure that what I am eating is always grown nearby, organic and from sustainable farming practices. I recently stopped eating gluten (bread, wheat, etc.) and dairy (cheese, milk, etc.) I feel much better now! I've always been pretty active as well, I grew up surfing and I also enjoy yoga and Pilates.

Coisa: I know you had some throat problems, how's the new album coming along?

TP: I had found out I had a polyp on my vocal chord back in June. After months of trying to heal it naturally, I had surgery in November to remove it. Now a couple months later, and I am back singing and sounding better than ever. I am super excited to get my record started and get back to touring! Its been a lot of ups and downs this past year, but everything seemed to have a way of working out :)

Coisa: Do you have a natural progression in your work or do you consciously set out to do something specific?

 TP: Before making a record, I usually let everything happen pretty organically and naturally. I find the moment and then I try to make something happen, a song or I set a deadline for myself. After the songs are written, then we make a plan for touring and promoting the record. I love touring, especially in other countries. Traveling has been one of my favorite parts of playing music for a living. I get to share my songs, and connect with people, and visit places and cultures I would probably have never been exposed to otherwise. It’s a super dream life for sure! Hopefully Ill be playing in Brazil before I know! I love me a tasty Caipirinha!

 Isn't she cute? Tristan I'm still waiting for you here in Brazil

Take Back The Night!

I simply love Justin Timbarlake - haters gonna hate - but the guy sings, dances awesome, he's a great actor, what else can we ask for a person? Oh yes he's damn cute!

My lovely friend Dani Neri Pramio is the one who introduced me to his music!

This phase is over!

I love this Cat Power's song because it makes me remember of a long phase of my life. Flying with airplanes in the air, "living" in bars and dancing on tables - I'm just quoting here - I have danced a lot but never on the tables! ;)

But I'm glad that phase is over, because somebody needs to play drums, guitar or organ with chorus, as far as we've walked from both of the ends of the sand. (yes I'm quoting again!)

Happy saturday folks!

Amber is the color of your energy!

311 put in this song a lot of things I would like to say to some people I truly care and admire. Love this song so much!

The Cure!

I'm a huge The Cure's fan, I'm totally in love with Robert Smith, since I was 13! Today I found myself buying a present to my first ex-husband (it's father's day here in Brazil, next Sunday) I bought a The Cure cd, that we had in vinyl but we have changed apartments so many times that all my albums got lost somewhere, a crying shame!

Well this is a concert from 1980, in Holland, so I dedicate this to my dear Dutch community!


I just found this video - the band is called Circo Motel, from São Paulo - and it made me smile! :)