Music of my life!

This song, it's my favourite since 2005, because Jack knocks on the guitar's wood while playing and that makes me go insane of happiness! Way before I understand what he was saying, I used to love this song so much. A month ago I think, I was talking to a very dear friend Jacob Tell from Oniracom (responsible for JJ's website) and I asked if this song was about shooting and filming and he said yes, that Jack Johnson wrote this song as he was filming "Thicker Than Water" - amazing surf film btw- with 16mm and Bolex film cameras. he also said: "We're talking old school FILM. the sea-sickness was a real thing that the crew and surfers went through on that trip which is part of the lyrics".
I love this song so much, it calms me down, inspires me, thank you for writing this JJ.

Edit: This song is from September Sessions another surf fim from JJ.


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