Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

I used to say out loud I don't watch TV, but what I meant was I don't watch Brazilian TV channels -they are awful and terrible, if you come to Brazil, please get cable - My point is I truly love american TV shows, they are the best, hatters gonna hate but nobody can beat them, they have the know how, the same goes to the cinema and commercials, props to the USA. I never been there though, but I would love to go, who knows, maybe next year!
I never mentioned here but I only fly KLM, but next month I need to be in Argentina and I will have to fly through another company. Anyways, that's what I'm watching lately, have fun!


I told you I was in love! This song is pretty much the resume of my last trip to Amsterdam! It supposed to be great but it was a nightmare, but I do adore the city and I'm coming back in 2014.

You don't understand me!

I'm in love with Mando Diao and I just can't stop listening to them! So this is what I have on my Itunes right now and this is a message to so many people I know that I can't even name names! Enjoy!

You came a long way you didn't know my name girl 
You thought that I was just a gigolo 
And you told all your friends that I was strange and weird 
But that's a lie that I'm sure you know 
So I'm telling you where to start 
But you're not interested at all 

'Cause you, you don't understand me 
You don't understand what 
What I've been through 
You don't understand me 
You don't understand what 
What I've been through
Oh what I've been through 

It's such a shame I'm wasting all my talent 
Writing songs to you without feelings 
You didn't want the heaven by your side 
That's too bad you'll see 'cause I'm warm and nice 
And now you're telling me where to go 
I wish that I cared, but I don't 

'Cause you don't understand me 
You don't understand what 
What I've been through 
What I've been through 
But I will always be the one that holds you in the end

You Can't Always Get What You Want!

But if you try sometimes, you get what you need! I'm not a Rolling Stones's fan but this song is a masterpiece! Happy Weekend! Tomorrow I'm going to a kid's party and I will cover the event, I'm really happy with that so stay tuned, lots of happy photos soon!

All I See!

I was listening to this song this morning, it's such a beautiful and intense song, I adore The Magic Numbers, so I hit YouTube and I found this awesome video. Love their accent so much and I dedicate this song to a special friend of mine, who's mad at me, I hope he can forgive me, this is for you darling!

Photo of the week!

This week I have chosen Nirrimi Firebrace, she's a really young and super talented photographer from Australia. I've been following her career since 2009 and she inspires me so much! Enjoy!


As a blogger I use a lot of hashtags and watching this video I just realized that I can't stop and I won't stop because I run this place! #LOL- Seriously now, I simply love Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, they are awesome together and this video #rocks!

Luis Willer!

Last week I had the opportunity of meeting this great latent, Luis Willer, a São Paulo based model from Santa Catarina. Luis is simply stunning and his photos are such a bliss. Enjoy!

Sleep on tight, 'til the sunlight!

It's almost Thursday in Brazil and this is what I'm current listening to, such a beautiful song: Thievery Corporation featuring Emilíana Torrini, a singer from Iceland, what a great accent. Good Night folks from America, good morning folks from Europe.

Walk On!

I'm not a U2 fan, but I grew up listening to it, it's was on the radio all the time and some songs win me over, like this one, I simply love the lyrics, because it talks to my heart and sometimes, no matter what, we need to walk on!

Gimme A Little Sign!

My sweet friend Priscilla Karam sent me this video last Monday and it's a total bliss! Happy Wednesday folks! Be happy because life is short and life is what we are!

Marcos Carnero!

Marcos Carneiro is a São Paulo based chef specialized in organic bread, cakes and cookies. He makes the most delicious whole bread, way better than Le Pain Quotidien one.
I've been following his work since 2011 and I had the opportunity to meet him again this last weekend at some really awesome gastronomic event we had here in SP, called O Mercado. (Street Market).

Marcos started his career selling bread on his bike, how awesome is that?! Now he has a bakery in Cantareira neighborhood. He told me he has plans of opening another little one on Jardins, so stay tunned!

If you are in São Paulo, please check his bakery!

Marcos Carneiro é um chefe de São Paulo, especializado em pães, bolos e cookies, tudo orgânico. Comi o pão integral orgânico e é simplesmente delicioso, muito melhor que Le Pain Quotidien, por exemplo. Eu acompanho sua trajetória desde 2011 e este final de semana tive a oportunidade de encontrá-lo no evento O Mercado.

Marcos começou sua carreira vendendo pães em sua blicicleta e hoje tem uma padaria, chamada Miolo Padaria Orgânica, no bairro da Cantareira, mas ele me disse que tem planos de abrir uma outra unidade, no bairro dos Jardins, fique ligado no Coisa que assim que abrir eu estarei lá!

Se você está em SP, não tem desculpas, pode e deve visitá-lo, endereço aqui.

Photo of the week!

I was really busy last week and I totally forgot to make this post, so here it goes, this week I'm choosing Jose de Holanda, a São Paulo based photographer, sweet friend of mine. He's the best I know in Brazil.

Two voices carry farther than me!

Another great song from Edward Sharpe's new album, it's one of my favorites. It's happy and make me smile! Enjoy friends!

Mando Diao!

This is my new passion, they had to be from Sweden, love the accent, love their music, specially this part of the song:

 Well later she came with flowers in her arms 
 Said we can do it in the car 
 My brother owns it, the driver seat is made for us 
And I said I'd rather grab a bite to eat 
There is a diner down the street
Let's take it easy and join this lovely harmony

It's Friday!

And Got my sunshine, I'll get by! This is what I'm current listening to Mojace 3, a folk bank from UK, that's really rare! I have this in my Ipod and I did not even know it. Happy Friday folks! :)

Alexander Ebert gets me high!

I know I have posted about him like million times, but the video below is just amazing, his performance is fabulous and I get high only with their songs: Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros! Enjoy!


Food & Farming!

Food & Farming is a brilliant project by New York based photographer Grabriela Herman. For who does not know Gabriela is half Brazilian, half American and she's just great, love her work! Got to know her in 2009 and I've been following her career until now, she's always surprising me with her stunning photos. Such an inspiration for me.

Music Wednesday!

Somebody I truly care was singing along this song today, so this is for you honey!

From Here To Now To You!

If you haven't done so already check out Jack Johnson's new album, From Here To Now To You, out everywhere now!
I'm listening to it and as a super JJ's fan I have to tell you it's relaxing, it's full of joy, it's an album to listen and chill and get happy, it's a total bliss! Get yours here: USA, UK, Australia.

Matt Costa's day!

I'm really in the mood for some Matt Costa today, I'm pretty sure I will go through all his songs today. If you still don't know Matt, he's a singer and songwriter from Costa Mesa, California.

Is this a dream Spending the night with you?

I'm in cloud 9 with this song, so relaxing! Au Revoir Simone for you folks!


I hope this song can change my Monday to a better one! Enjoy folks!

Sunday in Pictures!

Alexander Ebert and the RZA - The Truth - A verdade!

Everybody knows I truly admire Alex Ebert and really do, his songs talk to my heart. I have posted this song here already but I feel I need to post it again, because the lyrics are so strong and all the whistling, it just makes me go insane, but good insane! Love this version featuring the rapper RZA. Enjoy! 

Some of my readers are asking me to write in Portuguese, so here it goes:

Todos que seguem esse blog sabem da minha admiração por Alex Ebert, cantor e comopositor, líder da banda Edward Sharpe & The Magnetics Zeros. As músicas dele falam com meu coração e eu já postei essa música aqui, mas eu sinto que devo postar de novo, porque a letra é muito forte e eu simpleste adoro qualquer música com assobio. Amo essa versão com o rapper RZA. Espero que gostem!

I like my new role!

This is not a love song! I was going to post the Nouvelle Vague's version but the original is so good, that it just deserves to be here! If you don't know this is a Public Image Ltd's song and they are punk band from London.


It's so good when you find in a song everything you wanted to say to a person! This morning I was listening to this song and it's exactly how I feel inside.
About 4 weeks ago I reconnected with an old friend and he's the only one I can really call darling!

Unfortunately I did not write this but I'm borrowing it from the band Girls:

I was feeling so sad and alone
But I found a friend in the song that I'm singing
I was feeling like a nothing inside
Then I found it all in the song
And yeah yeah  yeah uh-huh
It's coming straight from my heart
And yeah yeah yeah uh-huh
I gotta let it go
And yeah yeah yeah uh-huh

Man I felt like I was going nowhere
Then I found my way in the song that 
I'm singing
Man I felt like I could lay down and die
Then I found my life in the song
And yeah yeah yeah
It's coming straight from my heart
And yeah yeah yeah uh-huh
I gotta let it go
And yeah yeah yeah uh-huh


I'm totally in love with this TV Show! Hank Moody is such a great character, David Duchovny's performance is just fabulous and I can't believe he's 53, he looks damn good!

Bag Lady!

I don't want to be a bag lady, so I'm packing light and letting it go! I have forgotten about Erikah Badu and this morning my Ipod brought this song to me! Happy Saturday folks!

Photo of the Week!

I'm bringing back photo of the week! In the past I used to choose one photographer per week and today I have decided to post a picture I took last year, from my window - São Paulo city -  Bela Vista neighborhood! Enjoy!

Crystalised feat Mark Lanegan, Martina Topley Bird and Warpaint!

I have such good memories when I listen to this song! The XX is playing in Brazil and I'm extremely excited, I hope I manage to go and cover the concert for you guys! It's been a long time that I don't photograph concerts, my last one was in 2011, I find it very boring to try the perfect shot and you really do not enjoy the concert at all. Let's see! Please check this cover out, it's really good!

Gabriela Sakate's Capsule Collection

If you are in São Paulo, please check this out:

Gabriela Sakate is a great fashion designer I know and she has an amazing collection for sale!

"Criamos uma Capsule Collection com peças essenciais (aquele vestido preto que você precisa ter em uma ocasião inesperada, a t-shirt básica e chic para trabalhar, etc) todas produzidas em um número máximo de 10 peças por modelo! O melhor, com preços entre R$80 e R$300, para você ter uma de cada no guarda-roupa!"

The event is going to be next satuarday, September 21st, check for the address here.

 O Evento será dia 21/09, próximo sábado, endereço aqui.

God guide us and protect us!

and when we're wrong, please correct us and stand my me in these high seas or the low seas!

It's Friday!

and I'm in love! I just came across this video and I like it! Enjoy folks!

Guess who's back in town?

The old Vivi is back in town, my sweet friend Luke once told me I wanna see you sharing music and shinning again, so here I am brand new and so happy!

Better days have come to my my way! Enjoy folks:

Coração Vagabundo!

I'm not a big fan of Brazilian music but Caetano Veloso wins me over. Coração Vagabundo in a free translations would be mundane heart. Here in this video you can see Caetano and João Gilberto, another great MPB (popular brazilian music) singer.

Night Time!

Somebody is keeping me up all night and I decided to blog and eat some biscuits. This is what I'm listening to right now. Never been so in love with a band like I am with The XX.

I never learn but I don't mind, I'm just wasting time!

I don't think I ever posted about ALO here. I had the opportunity of meeting them all here in Brazil back in 2007, they are so kind and sweet, at the time I was just a fan, I did not have the blog and I did not have money to pay the ticket for the concert and they gave me for free and I stayed back stage with them, I can't never forget that day, it was the same day I met Matt Costa and Donavon Frankenreiter. It was magical!!
 So this is the song of the day, enjoy!

If I Were Free!

That's another Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros's new song. As always, it's amazing. Enjoy!


Caught myself singing along this song today in the car and I thought about Gabriela Lopes, this amazing Portuguese friend of mine that I truly love, she's so elegant, intellectual, smart, such a young soul. Gabi practices quantic therapy, if you live in São Paulo, please check her profile.

This is for you Gabi:

Wet Sand!

This song is very important to me, because it says: you're the best I know and for seven years I used to say that to my second ex, and it was and it is hard to let him go, as my love, as my friend, we had such a long and intense past. But today I know that Jesus and my beloved son are the best I know and:

I thought about it and I brought it out 
I'm motivated by the lack of doubt 
I'm consecrated but I'm not devout 
The mother, the father, the daughter, 
You don't form in the wet sand 
You don't form at all, 
You don't form in the wet sand I do!

Easy Come, Uneasy Glow!

This a Outrageous Cherry's song and I'm totally in love with it. I did not know this band until yesterday, a sweet sweet friend of mine showed me this and it's such a bliss! I really thought they were English, but they are from Detroit, Michigan.

Cidadão Cósmico!

Cidadão Cósmico is a São Paulo based jazz band, I get to know them today and decided to take this video.
They are awesome!

It's Friday!

And I love every little thing about you babe, don't you go!

This is my message to you!

Don't worry about a thing, cos every little thing is gonna be alright!

Irène Erotic Fanzine

I came across this fanzine in 2011 and I really thought I have posted about it then, so here it goes:

Irène , created in 2011 by three young French women based in London, it takes its inspiration in surrealism and mixes it with the homemade touch of typical fanzines. Through poetry, photography, collages and pieces it gives lightness and subtlety to modern eroticism. Her idea of sex is somehow universal however special, beautiful and most of all inspirational.

What caught my attention then was the video below with Au Revoir Simone's song that I love so much - Through the Backyards - Enjoy!


Au Revoir Simone has a new album coming up and this is the new single. Love it!


I just found this Patrick Watson's video from his album Wooden Arms. Enjoy!

The lyrics are so so beautiful:

After all the flames
In the morning
Quiet ashes fell
For hours and hours
And in the morning rise 
We planted our skin 
Like a seed in the ground

So we dug ourselves a hole
And planted all our skin
Like a seed in the ground
To grow again

Where the fireweeds grow
Where the fireweeds grow
Where the fireweeds grow

I'm in love...

with She&Him! Today I stayed stuck in traffic for 1 hour and a half and I listened this song like 10 times!

It's party!

Do not panic folks, but today I was baptized for the second time, by choice this time, I'm evangelic now and I could not be more happy! I've been studying the bible since January and it was a long, intense and deep process to find my real calling. I have so many people to thank today, friends and family who never let me down and I dedicate this song to my beloved son, Kerlly Rovai, Luke BoxallAlan Costa, Jezebel Salem, Gabriela Lopes, Claudia Olsen, Paty Gallet, Dani Pezz, Dani Pramio, Gilmara Santos, Gabriela Sakate, Telma Fernandes, Tais Fernandes, Jose de Holanda, the whole Jack Johnson community, Jacob Tell from Oniracom, Marc Beauregard for your lovely songs, my aunt Cleuza, mum and dad of course, and our Lord Jesus Christ!
That's my favourite video for this song called Home  - I've been homesick so many times and last year I did not know where home was anymore because I have lived in so many places, but today I know that home is anywhere we go with love in our heart and my Iphone that I can't live without :p 

Ps. If you don't know Alex Ebert and Jade Castrinos from Edward Sharpe used to date, they are no longer together but they are very best friends, which I find so pretty!

There is a light that never goes out!

This is one of my favourite Smith's songs and I just came across this lovely version by The Magic Numbers!

"Take me out tonight 
Where there's music and there's people and they're young and alive 
Driving in your car I never never want to go home 
Because I haven't got one anymore 
Take me out tonight 
Because I want to see people and I want to see life 
Driving in your car hh, please don't drop me home 
Because it's not my home, it's their Home, and I'm welcome no more"

I just found this!

Yes, it's Edward Shape again, but this is a concert in Paris, from last year and it's just amazing. Watch the whole thing, it's only 24:34 minutes, it's well shot, really worth a check! It made my Sunday, I'm happy already! :)