It's so far, so far away from home!

I'm totally in love with this song, the lyrics touched my heart and I think I already posted this song here, but it deserves a replay. Christopher Owens wins me over, I just love him and the guitars at the end, what can I say? Pure bliss!

And your eyes were cold as the ocean...

I've been thinking about the existence of a soul mate and if you can really love more than once, I still have no answer to it but I suppose when you listen to a song like this and you remember your old love, it means you only love once. Too bad his eyes are cold as the ocean now. Happy Thursday!

When enough is enough?

I've been thinking about it lately, because my heart seems to insist in somebody that does not care about me anymore and I was about to finally give up but then I saw this video:

Ps: I just love Chirstopher Owens!