Throw it all away

I just love Zero 7 and Throw it all away is pretty much my favourite song. I love everything about it, the lyrics, the melody, her voice, it's just perfect and the video is awesome! (wow)
So my weekend advice is: "cash it in and throw it all away".

Ibai Acevedo Larrañaga

Ibai Acevedo is a photographer and graphic designer from Barcelona. I'm crazy about his Flickr photostream. Here you can see my favourite sets, R.E.M (above) and Nada Importa (below).

Alexandre Tokitaka

I first came across Alexandre Tokitaka about two years ago when I bought one of his awesome pictures. Alexandre's work focuses on everyday life in São Paulo.


Otto is the first commercially available typeface designed by Non-Format. It's a single font with two versions, exclusively available over at HypeForType.

Os Gemeos

Os Gemeos are two great artists from São Paulo, already very famous by their amazing work in the graffiti and street art scene. They are twin brothers, (gemeos means twins in Portuguese, thus the name).
If you are in São Paulo, please check out their exhibition Vertigem (Vertigo).


I just found this fun application where you can discover the musical universe of The Incredible Polo, handling a rage of human beat-box. Really easy to use. Try it here.


Subways is a great series by Helene Mukhtar. These paintings and collages were triggered by the subway bombings in London and Madrid and her experiences riding the subway in New York City. Creative and beautiful!

James Yuill

James Yuill has a neat way of mixing various elements from folk and electronic music to great his own unique sound. He recently released his second album entitled No Pins Allowed.

Gabriela Herman

I just came across this great photographer, who is half Brazilian half American, living in Brooklyn, NY. Gabriela has a really cool set of self portraits, really worth a check!

Secret Agent Man

I love this illustration by Allan Sanders. Check for more here.

via the style press

Posters of Chaumont

Yesterday I went to this amazing exhibition, Posters of Chaumont and I got really impressed by Vincent Perrottet's posters. One word: awesome!


Sabino is an amateur photographer from Chile, with a really cool photostream.
He also has an excellent photoblog.

A perfect place to work - part III

I've been posting here places that are really cool to work and this one is probably my favourite.
Bark Design Architects, a small Australian practice located in Noosa Heads, Queensland, have designed a studio for themselves to work in. It's just awesome!

Found at contemporist


Courts is a series by British photographer Elliott Wilcox that examines representations of the enclosed spaces of sports courts.

Last Floor Project

In this very interesting project, Felipe Morozini, a São Paulo based photographer, takes voyeuristic pictures of people on their balconies or on the roofs of apartment buildings.

Kwabena Slaughter

Using a specially modified camera, Kwabena Slaughter shoots directly onto long rolls of color slide-film. The image fills the entire film-strip, without any frame breaks, looking much like a photographic scroll. The result is really amazing! In the video below Kwabena explains a bit more about his technique.


Another really cool band, awesome video!
More here.

Thanks to Luke!

Vampire Weekend

I've been listening to Vampire Weekend the whole morning and I really like them. Reminds me Born Ruffians another band I love.

Awesome tip from Philip.

Edit. This video was directed by Richard Ayoade, (Moss from It Crowd) I really miss that tv show!

Kelsey Brookes

I just came across Kelsey Brookes and I'm totally amazed by his paintings. Brookes was a scientist who spent years tracking viruses for the U.S. government. Now he works and lives in San Diego.
Here you can check an excellent article about his work and his beach side studio, which is awesome!

Sasha Bezzubov

Brilliant photographer, Sasha Bezzubov documents the ruins that remain after natural disasters in the series Things Fall Apart and Wildfire.

Found at builds blog

Forest Milk

I don't drink milk, but this awesome packaging makes me want to start drinking! Too bad Forest Milk is only produced in Japan.

Found at kitsune noir

Befire I die I want to...

The Before I die I want to... project was inspired by a combination of factors: the “death” of Polaroid, a psychologist’s tool called safety contracts, and a passion to get people to think about (and act upon) what is really important in their lives through this simple, straight-forward question.
I've been following this awesome project since it started and I don't know why I did not post about it before (my bad!). I sill want to send my picture but I did not manage to buy a Polaroid camera yet.
There is also a book available with 111 of the portraits taken.