I'm really into electronic music lately and I just came across this awesome band from Toronto, I hope you like it!

My whole life has changed, in a heartbeat!

It's Friday and all I have to say is: I wanna laugh, wanna sing, wanna do everything in a heartbeat! Good Morning folks!

I never felt magic crazy as this!

I did not eat turkey or any pumpkin pie, but I've been celebrating Thanksgiving since yesterday and I can tell you it was magic crazy, lots of healthy foods, chocolate, beer and a really different Scooby Doo movie this afternoon! Laughs, deep talks, pure love between friends, sweaty hugs and refreshing moments under the AC of my car. I'm ready for Christmas!

I'm just about to lose my mind!

I have somebody in my life that makes me lose my mind and I'm really thankful for him. Happy Thanksgiving!

I never cared about money and all its friends!

I'm in total bliss with this song my friend Ben sent me, in fact he sent me the whole Chelsea Wolfe's album, months ago but I just had the opportunity to pay attention to it closely right now. It's by far the most beautiful song I have ever listened to. It makes me wanna hug people and spread the love, actually I never felt so loved in my life, I thought I would be sad this month because I did not manage to travel so I stayed in Sao Paulo for the first time in years and I could not be happier, I'm spending so many good times with my son and my friends, I love my friends so bad, they are so good to me and I really don't know what would I do without them. Happy Wednesday!

Montserrat Typeface

It's been a long time since I have posted about typography, luckily I have found this stunning short film - a tribute to this new typeface, called Montserrat - designed by Julieta Ulanovsky. This is also a tribute to the Montserrat neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, which inspired the font. Enjoy!

Simple Little Things!

Last week I found this person on Instagram and I'm in love with her photos, specially the coffee ones, these simple little things make me smile and let me real hungry!

What do you want to interrupt me for?

Sometimes all I want is to discuss make up and Mary Kay products, no I don't want to discuss that I have skipped 15 hardware classes and the last thing I want is to have my coordinator calling me for a meeting at 8 pm, I guess I'm married to this course and I can't get out, so I'm preparing myself to spend the rest of my Fridays with my hardware teacher, checking motherboards, what was I thinking? Happily it's almost Christmas and I'm taking tomorrow off to check the lights around the city I may come back with some tacky photos, meanwhile I found this new tune that has everything to do with my mood today. Happy Tuesday!

Now wait, wait, wait for me, please hang around!

Well, thanksgiving is around the corner and I've been thinking about what I'm thankful for. This year was full of surprises and I'm totally thankful for my friends, they inspire me, they send me songs, they give me presents and they make my life way easier. No matter what they wait for me and they hang around!
I'm also thankful for this awesome band that I just found called Of Monsters and Men, I'm thankful for my lovely son, of course, for Californication, Homeland, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and for James Franco for being awesome and so pretty! What are you thankful for?

I figured out how to be faithless, but it would be a shame to waste this!

Usually I love Mondays, I love to work, but today I just needed somebody to solve all my money issues or at least somebody to do my expenses report. That's it, it's a grey but warm Monday in Sao Paulo and I'm trying to not be graceless! 

I'm so broken babe, but I want to see some shining eye!

What to say about Antony & The Johnson? I almost cry every time I listen to it, it's so profound and delicate at the same time, it connects us with our deepest feelings, I guess that's the purpose of music anyway. Happy Saturday!

Photo of the Week!

Oh man! I came across this photographer called Martina Zamboni, an Italy-born but she has this affair with Copenhagen, which is really easy to understand. I have never been there but I read a lot about it and I imagine that it's impossible to not fall in love with this city. Through her pictures we can take a tour around and be amazed by the colours and the awesomeness of Danish culture.

Computer Love!

I'm totally in love again, I have this sweet sweet friend of mine, he shows me the most awesome bands, we were listening to this Greek duet in the car and it totally reminded me of Au Revoir Simone, another band we love, but checking more closely it's way more electronic and more awesome, he's going to make me a copy of his album, but I want it now! Thankfully we have Youtube so I can check on line all the songs until I get this cd. Go ahead and enjoy!


When you think it is impossible to like Pharrell more he comes up with a 24 hour video, for his new song Happy! The video is really awesome you can scroll through time, from 12 am through to 11:59 pm. Go ahead and check it out:

How awesome is Johnny Marr?

Very awesome! He's one of my favorite guitar players and he aged so well, it confirms that life starts when you're 40, I'm really inspired by this video, I hope you like it as much as I did! Enjoy!

Music Thursday!

I got the new Camera Obscura's album, Desire Lines and it's really fresh and happy, I feel ashamed of getting to know this awesome Scottish band only now. Happily I came across this full session with them and it's a delight, please check it out and enjoy!

Stop making tattoos!

What do we need to do to be away from these ugly tattoos? Travel back to 1994 and start over? I guess so! Hole: tree beautiful girls with no tattoos, how awesome is that?

I'm satisfied, only living once a day to buy some groceries!

What can I say? Some people make our life so easy that we get satisfied even going to some groceries. I spent the afternoon with a person like that, such a joy! To celebrate, I give you this very funny video! Keep smiling!

A half a million thoughts, are flowing through my mind...

Almost December, I can't believe the year is gone, I'm glad tough, I'm having the best months of my life and when I get happy I dance and this song is perfect for that. Thievery Corporation is an old love, I get to know them in 2006 and I never ever stop listening to, just got the most recent album - Culture of Fear - that is awesome like all the other ones. If you don't know them, they are a duo of  DJs from Washington DC and they always have an excellent band to support them, as you can see in this video. Enjoy and happy Wednesday!

I don't like you but I love you!

And I finish my vacation listening to She&Him, thinking about him! Happy Monday folks!

I'm singing this song but I can't sing enough!

I'm a lucky woman and I have the best friends a person could ask and today I want to talk about this special one Benjamim Karam, I have written about him already, but it's never enough, because he's so talented, he reads way more than I do and he loves Dylan way more than I do! He has a really cool blog, he takes awesome photos, he's really into literature, he writes poems and wait for it: he reads William Blake! I would love to go to cafe with him and talk deeply about life, coffee, music and Nietzsche! But he lives so far away, when I'm going to sleep he's waking up!
We have known each other since 2010, via twitter, he just told me that, what a surprise, I totally forgot about that, my point is, since then he sent me so many songs, the last album he sent me was Mazzy Star that I truly love, I can't even tell you. But what I love most about him is that he's so kind, he tells me the perfect thing, he puts me up all the time and he takes time to come here and read this blog, since forever. So Ben, this is for you, hope we can meet up someday!

O Mercado!

Remember I posted here we were going to have a gastronomic fair here? So, this is the third time I go and this time they came to my neighborhood, it was so awesome! Mercado means market in Portuguese and this time we had 10 great chefs bringing their amazing food to the street, with small prices. It caught my attention as always, Henrique Fogaça, from Sal Gastronomia, Diego Belda, from Rothko Restaurant and Fellipe Zanuto from Pizza da Mooca. Well the pictures below talk by itself, enjoy!

Henrique Fogaça, in the center
Burger with Gruyere cheese, barbecue sauce and guinness bread, from Diego Belda

Nutella pizza and homemade mozarella/sausage pizza from Fellipe Zanuto

Henrique Fogaça and I (the whitest girl alive)


Mad sounds make you feel alright!

You sit and try sometimes 
But you just can’t figure out what went wrong 
Then out of nowhere, somebody comes and hits you with a 
Ooh la la la 
Ooh la la la 
Ooh la la la, ooh

Tell me, how not to fall in love with Alex Turner? Your mad sounds hit my ears and yes I feel like dancing, it gets me high, I have listened to this song like 20 times, while I was cooking, then doing the dishes, life is way easier when you have music. Damn I'm truly happy today! Happy Sunday!

But don't you worry about a thing!

My son and I are thinking about the future and he's really old fashioned he does not like to travel and even though I have traveled a lot I never brought him with me because I always thought about his comfort and his school, his education that is the most important thing you can ever get. I have studied a lot and I still do and yesterday he said to me mum I'm not so sophisticated as you are, I'm a simple guy, I get happy with small things, we aren't rich, yes we aren't rich, we are far from that but I've been teaching him to be comfortable in poor places and rich places and I'm so thankful to have this amazing person as a son, he teachs me things, he shows me the most funny videos daily and I get so glad because for so many years I thought that being a mum was not for me but raising him is the more important thing in my life, he keeps me away from trouble and I see myself on him and that is priceless, for that reason I can't understand people who don't want kids, they are so great, they can be quite annoying but they are our delight and that is forever, no matter the age. I thought would be bad to have a teenager around and people told me he would be difficult and I always said he won't, because I raised him with so much love that I'm sure he will give this back to me and I was right, he shows me this love daily, so I don't worry about a thing, because I got you here with me!

And when the world ends, you're gonna come with me, we're going to be crazy, like a river bends We're going to float, Through the criss cross of the mountains and watch them fade to nothing!

I wish everybody knew, what's so great about you!

The National makes me think about life and love and how much I care about this friend of mine and how important he is in my life right now and even though we're apart most  part of the time, when I really need him he's there for me and that's enough. This is one of my favorite songs from their last album and the lyrics could not be more perfect.
I have chosen this video because I really admire Annie Erin Clark from St Vincent, she's a really good guitar player and she adds a lot to their band.

Oh, when I lift you up
You feel like a hundred times yourself
I wish everybody knew
What's so great about you

Oh, but your love is such a swamp
You don't think before you jump
And I said I wouldn't get sucked in

This is the last time

Oh, don't tell anyone I'm here
I got Tylenol and beer
I was thinking that you'd call somebody
Closer to you

Oh, but your love is such a swamp
You're the only thing I want
And I said I wouldn't cry about it

This is the last time
This is the last time

We were so under the brine
We were so vacant and kind
We were so under the brine
We were so vacant

We were so under the brine
We were so out of our minds
We were so under the brine
We were so vacant

Oh, when I lift you up
You feel like a hundred times yourself
I wish everybody knew
What's so great about you

Oh, but your love is such a swamp
You don't think before you jump
And I said I wouldn't get sucked in

I won't be vacant anymore
I won't be waiting anymore
I won't be vacant anymore
I won't be waiting anymore
I won't be vacant anymore
I won't be waiting anymore
I won't be vacant anymore
I won't be waiting anymore

Jenny, I am in trouble
Can't get these thoughts out of me
Jenny, I'm seeing double
I know this changes everything

Jenny, I am in trouble
Can't get these thoughts out of me
Jenny, I'm seeing double
I know this changes everything 

It takes a lot of pain to pick me up
It takes a lot of rain in the cup
Baby you gave me bad ideas
Baby you left me sad and high

So grown up!

I've been talking about English accent here a lot but what about English hip hop? I have this song in my Ipod and it really caught my attention, these two guys rock! I could not find too much information about them, not sure if they still do music but the songs I have checked are awesome, enjoy!

Vacation, finally!

It's so good to make a tour in your own city, the weather is great, really sunny but with the cold breeze at night which I love and I have to tell you Sao Paulo has a lot to offer, if you are in town please check it out this new place with organic ice cream, the place is called Casa Elli and they serve an Italian gellato that is pure heaven. If you are looking for books and CDs I would recommend Livraria da Vila, the staff is super friendly and I get all my books, moleskines and albums from there, got the new The National's - Trouble will Find Me - that is more than awesome, I can't stop listening to it and the art work is amazing!
Well my day ended really unhealthy eating pringles watching a really clichet  movie on the TV, things we do for Keanu Reeves! Here are some photos:

So long!

That's it I'm on vacation, but I'm not leaving the country, not even the state, I'm simply enjoying the city with my son. It's so good to have breakfast at 11 in the living room, I was really needing that. Today I'm going to try some organic ice creams and this weekend we have a gastronomic fair so stay tuned I'm taking a lot of pictures. My life has changed completely since I bought new headphones, I got Sony ones and I can get all the details of the music, it's such a bliss, I've been listening to this song and it's so good, the banjo makes me so happy! Enjoy it, in this video there is some lady dancing and it's pretty fun, it's exactly what I do I just don't have the courage to tape it! :)

Castello Cavalcanti!

Wes Anderson present us with this delightful short film for Prada. Co-produced by Roman Coppola and starring Jason Schwartzman - one of my favourite actors ever - he's been in five of Anderson's other films and in this one he's a Formula 1 driver who gets lost in this small Italian town of Castello Cavalcanti. Please check it out and have fun!

Ever fallen in love with someone?

Have you noticed how many good bands come from France? Phoenix, Air, Daft Punk and this particular one I love Nouvelle Vague. I've been to Paris only once and I really fell in love with the city and everything that is French, I don't need to say I love all the cosmetics and perfumes, but France has this charm that we can't explain. Yesterday I watched this great movie: And They Lived Happily ever After with Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jonny Depp, if you haven't watched, please do it, the soundtrack is awesome and it's a really delicate movie, it made me wanna learn French and look for my Radiohead's cd. Let's all fall in love in again, s'il vous plaît!

I wanna be yours!

I had this song on repeat today in my car by an accident, since I was driving I listened to this song like 8 times and in all of them I was laughing a lot with the lyrics, I wanna be your vacuum cleaner? - seriously Alex Turner? Oh well I'm ignoring that, I love this song anyway, no matter how tacky you sound. :)


If you like Jose Gonzalez, you are going to like Junip! This is a repost from 2010, I just saw the video was off line and I have decided to check it out and we have new songs and it's awesome, I'm a huge Jose Gonzales's fan and I always thought his solo albums were a bit depressive and with Junip I don't feel that, it's quite happy, with a lot of electronic beats, really worth a check!

Take Me Somewhere Nice!

Sometimes everything you want is be taken to somewhere nice, where there are no problems, no fears, no bad feelings, no sorrow. Thank God, music has this power to makes us travel, travel to somewhere nice, a place we can carry on, like Bob Marley used to sing. Youtube is amazing always brings me cool songs so I can keep travelling, moving my thoughts around, dreaming of a better day. Life is not always great but my faith on happiness is so strong that nothing can beat me. Even when I have a bad day it ends up with a beautiful song, that's the spirit right? Enjoy!

Aziz Ansari!

I love Aziz Ansari, he's an awesome actor and of course an amazing stand up comedian, I came across this video this morning and it really caught my attention because the phones are taking our lives over, we are always connected, we are always texting and it got to the point that is not only between your friends anymore, my dad is really into texting now, he texts me all the time, my son too and I get amazed on the abbreviations he uses, in Portuguese we use a lot of graphic accents and the teenagers lose all of them via whatsapp, it annoys me a lot, I text all the time and believe me I can go like 3 hours on whatsapp, I'm a nerd but I use the correct portuguese ad the correct english, I guess I'm really old fashioned, the worst part is that I've became pretty lazy to talk on the phone, I've been avoiding phone calls lately, I have noticed that, so if you want to talk to me, skype me, whatsapp me, FB me, email me, but do not call me unless you have a really sexy voice, haha. Just kidding, call me I will answer eventually. Anyways this video is great, take a look:


Love Yourself to Dance!

There's something about Daft Punk that amazes me, the robotic style I guess, the helmets, the gloves, the really shinny suits and the fact that is impossible to listen to their songs and not to dance and be in a great mood! It's perfect for Mondays, I was really in bad mood today, but when I see Pharrell, the rasta guy playing guitar and this awesome French duet I forget all my problems. Happy Monday!

Skinny Lister

I just found this English folk band and I'm amazed by all the instruments they use, I love it! I know the rest of the world is enjoying the fall, the dry leaves in the park, the pumpkin soups and believe me fall is my favorite season but summer is on its way for us over here in Brazil so I may celebrate with this awesome song: Seventeen Summers, enjoy!

Photo of the week!

This week I have decided to take some photos myself, it was a really sunny day here in Sao Paulo so I decided to go downtown via subway, got some really good headphones and spent my afternoon at this coffee place I really like, the little pleasures of life, coffee, bread, butter and music, what else do we need? Happy Sunday!


Lisztomania should be an official saturday anthem, it never gets old and it's perfect to dance. I have danced a lot with this song and it brings me a lot of good memories. So, it's saturday, let's all dance and be happy!

He's the best I know!

Fourteen years ago I was preparing to go to the hospital, to be a mum of this extraordinary person I decided to call Vini. He lights my days since day one, he changed my life and when I look at his eyes I see better days, no matter what he's the best I know. His favourite band is Red Hot Chilli Peppers, I wrote here already that I was listening to the album Californication when I was pregnant and it's funny how the things are, today I asked him what's your favourite song, he said Californication, I hit youtube and I had forgotten that the video is like a video game, then I remembered we used to watch on MTV all the time and dance like crazy in our living room. He used to be really close to the tv, so funny, he was amazed by this video and today he's totally addicted to video games, that's why he cares so much about graphics nowdays. We are having a small party at home, I hope he let me photography him, because he never wants to, so maybe I can post something here. Vini this is for you, I know you don't dig my blog but this is another way to say I love you, more than words can describe!

I'm so surprised you want to dance with me now...

I've been listening to The National non stop and this song in particular is so beautiful, everything is great about it, since the melody, his voice, the piano, the amazing lyrics. Am I the only one who thinks Matt Berninger looks like an accountant? Oh well he's an awesome singer and my favourite thing lately is to lay down and listen to their songs over and over. Had an awesome Friday, spent my afternoon with a special one, we were listening to Artic Monkeys, I've been practicing my English accent but I suck at it, you damn Americans I'm sticking with yours! Happy Friday! :)

Mozza & Co!

I just came across this cute little food truck, it's a mobile trattoria located in Paris, they stay close D'orsay museum and their specialty is the mozzarella, they also serve italian desserts that I love such as pana cotta and tiramissu, it's just awesome, if you are going to France please stop by!

Come on and gimme me some!

What to say about G. Love? He's from Philadelphia and he's so amazing that I stayed the whole day checking for some song to post here, I love all of them and it was pretty hard to choose one but since I got to know him, Kick Drum was always my favourite, it's such a sexy song and the harmonica at the end it's just delicious, love it! Enjoy!

Day Off!

I did not really take the day off, but I'm slowing down and I will probably take some days off next week, so I'm preparing myself, I can't never disconnect, I find pretty hard to be away from my computer or my Iphone, even when I go to the beach I bring my Iphone to take some pictures and since I have 3G I end up checking facebook or instagram. Today my son showed me a video on how would be life without internet and I wonder what would I do? No matter what I do, I interact with people all the time but my perfect days always end with me my laptop, today for example I'm listening to Miles Davis on Youtube, reading beauty magazines at the same time and of course I had to blog a bit. I'm thinking about Christmas and New Years, it hit me this is going to be my first Christmas as a single woman, because I've been dating or married since forever, it's weird but good, I don't need to buy a turkey or make cranberry sauce since here in Brazil we don't really care about it, there is not fight about where to go on new years, I can go where ever I want to and I can wear white again, that's not a good thing, scrap that, (it's a tradition in Brazil to wear white during new year's eve, but it's tacky as hell, so I'm not doing that), I don't really know what to do for new years, I will concentrate on Xmas, I love every single thing about it besides the fact that I'm in a tropical country. There is no snow, the weather is hot, there is no fire place and we will be turning the fan on but I'm sure it's going to be great, I'm pretty excited. Happy Thursday! :)

I'm the lucky one!

Between a lot of Artic Monkeys, my Itunes brought this song to me today, it made me think about my life and how luck I am and how beautiful life is and how awesome people can be. This video is really delicate, it put a smile on my face! Happy Wednesday! :)


I watched this movie two year ago but at the time I did not even notice that the soundtrack was made by Alex Turner, amazing how sometimes I don't pay attention to details. It's a cute movie about love between teenagers, it's a good option for a grey Tuesday, it's really cold in Sao Paulo, I'm going to Pilates then I'm gonna watch this again and think about love, I really want to fall in love again like in this movie, it's so good to be a teenager, I would say it was the best time of my life, but now it's the best time of my life, I can do everything that teenagers do but with money and a car, life could not be better! Enjoy!

My Mistakes Were Made For You!

How could I have lived without knowing this band for so long? I'm totally in love with Alex Turner, the way he pronounces the words makes my heart melt away! If you want something from me, speak to me with an English accent and you will get it, haha! I have this sweet friend of mine, we chat since 2005 - he's from Derby, England - we have never met, but he's a totally delight, he sends me awesome songs, we talk about love and life and he's always there for me, no matter where he is, he's been to Canada, Iceland, Italy and now he's back home, we always talk about meeting up, I never told him that but he should totally come to Brazil, I'm sure we would have a lot of fun here. Sweet Luke, this is for you, I love you, we are going to meet in person sweet pumpkin! I'm sure of that, I was going to say you're the best friend I know, but I have this Brazilian one who's been helping me a lot and he showed me this band. He does not have your accent but he's as awesome as you! I have the best friends ever, I'm so lucky! Happy Tuesday!


Maria do Céu Whitaker Poças is the name of this beautiful Brazilian singer and songwriter that I truly admire. I checked her live twice and she's absolutely amazing, her music is a mix of jazz, afro beat and R&B . Her last album is called Caravana Sereia Bloom and is full of electronic beats, really groovy, I love it but my favourites songs are these two, enjoy!

That Bloody Mary's lacking in Tabasco!

Have you ever felt this way, like life is kind of lacking in tabasco? Well, sometimes it's good to unspicy things up and just chill. I have a busy life and I go out pretty much everyday but my best moments are at home with my son or when I'm alone just me and my laptop. It's good to lose the fishnet and just wear a nightdress, like he says in this song. I'm in love with Artic Monkeys, actually I'm totally in love with English music in general, I just adore their accents and their style, when I was 13 my dream was to go to London to meet Robert Smith, twenty six years later I have traveled pretty much the whole Europe but never UK, shame on me. And every time I think about traveling I just want to go to Amsterdam, I need to be in Buenos Aires in nine days but I did not even book my tickets, when did I get so attached to KLM? I guess I'm still a fluorescent adolescent! :)

Ballerina Project!

Instead photo of the week I have decided to talk about this project I've been following for tree years already. It has two things I'm in love with: ballet and photography. Really worth a check! Happy Sunday folks!

I swear to God I'm only loving!

I posted this song here in January and I've been trying to sing it and do all the whistling and I still can't, but I have found this live verson that made me smile, actually Alex Ebert makes me smile every time, what a blessed man! Enjoy!