My Mistakes Were Made For You!

How could I have lived without knowing this band for so long? I'm totally in love with Alex Turner, the way he pronounces the words makes my heart melt away! If you want something from me, speak to me with an English accent and you will get it, haha! I have this sweet friend of mine, we chat since 2005 - he's from Derby, England - we have never met, but he's a totally delight, he sends me awesome songs, we talk about love and life and he's always there for me, no matter where he is, he's been to Canada, Iceland, Italy and now he's back home, we always talk about meeting up, I never told him that but he should totally come to Brazil, I'm sure we would have a lot of fun here. Sweet Luke, this is for you, I love you, we are going to meet in person sweet pumpkin! I'm sure of that, I was going to say you're the best friend I know, but I have this Brazilian one who's been helping me a lot and he showed me this band. He does not have your accent but he's as awesome as you! I have the best friends ever, I'm so lucky! Happy Tuesday!

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