Gremio Piedra

If you are in São Paulo please stop by at this exhibition. A lot of good Brazilian artists will be showing their projects with religion as a theme.
When: may 1st and 2nd
Where: Rua dos Cariris, 421 - Pinheiros.

Next week I will be posting photos about the artists and the projects.

Music Tuesday

Coisa is kind of quiet lately, but I promise I will update it more now!
I just came across this video and I had to post it here, those take away shows are just amazing.

A Day at The Food Market

One more time Brivilati caught my attention with this lovely stop motion video!

Clemens Behr

German artist Clemens Behr uses the simplest materials to create complex ephemeral architectures. I just love these wall paintings.

Photo of the week

This great photo was sent by one of my readers Stefanie Lucas. Lovely!

Record Club: INXS "New Sensation"

Record Club is a great project by master musician Beck, where a number of musicians attempt to record an album in a day.


This is one of the photos of the lovely Xavier Encinas photostream. For who does not know Xavier, he's a graphic designer who also has a delightful recipe diary blog.

You and Your Heart

This is a preview of the first single from Jack Johnson's new album To The Sea, that will be available on June 1st!


New project from Brazilian photographer Jorge Brivilati.