Johnny Cheuk

I just discovered this amazing graphic designer and illustrator from Hong Kong. He mixes computer work with water based paint and pencils, really unique! More here.

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The Papergirl Project

Aisha Ronniger got her inspiration from the American paper boys to create this very cool project. Instead of delivering newspapers, the papergirl delivers art pieces in the streets of Berlin.
Artists from all over the world can send in their designs or photos. Here are some examples of the submissions from this year:

Today is the Finissage, if you are in Berlin, they are hosting a BBQ, how awesome is that? Check for more info here.

Recovering Lazyholic

This is an interesting project created by Erin Hanson that joins designs and photography with good humor to help you fight laziness.

Coffee Cups

When Cheeming Boey runs out of paper he draws on coffee cups! I really love this idea! These funky coffee cups are for sale, click here to buy them!

Boey also has a daily blog that is pure entertainment, I spent my afternoon reading his comic-strips and I still have a lot to read!

Andy Lohner

I'm really impressed with these photos by graphic designer Andy Lohner, from Austria.

More cool designers here

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Lisa Mitchell

I've been listening to Lisa Mitchell and I'm really liking her, the songs are full of delicate and beautiful melodies. Check here for more songs.

Matt W Moore

Matt W. Moore is the founder of MWM Graphics, a Design and Illustration studio based in Portland, Maine USA. I really love his colorful aerosol murals. Above you can see him paiting this awesome mural at Pop, my favourite bookstore here in São Paulo.


I just love this little milk dude! Blur you are missed!

A kitchen diary

This is an awesome blog, made by art director and graphic designer Xavier Encinas, where you can find recipes with the simple, real and delicious food that makes all of us happy!
The photos are really beautiful, makes me wanna cook!

The Flying Machine

This is my post #100 and I want to talk about this very special mix tape, called The Flying Machine that is special because it is full of jazz, soul and really good Brazilian music and because it was my made by my sweet boyfriend.
Ladies and Gentleman please check it out!

Rafael Saadiq

From California, Rafael Saadiq is a singer, bassist, songwriter and record producer in the R&B/soul tradition.
Here you can listen the song called Never Give You Up, where Stevie Wonder contributed with harmonica. Just brilliant!

My Paper Bag

The dutch designer Ramón Middelkoop, had the great idea of designing a leather bag that looks like a paper bag. Made in India by a fair trade certified factory, it's ecological and beautiful.
Get yours!

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The Sartorialist book

Scott Schuman is about to release The Sartorialist book, full of fashion and stylish pictures. It comes out August 12th in the US, and worldwide by early September.
You can pre-order the book here.

Kings of Convenience

Good things come who those wait! That's true, Kings of Convenience just finished their third album and it will be released at the end of September.
Here you can listen to one of the new songs, called Mrs. Cold. Lovely song!

The River

I already posted about Marc B here in the past, but I want to share this video, the song is called The River and it really cheers me up!
If you are in US check for the tour dates here.

PS: I love the welcome intro in his web site with the tour dates.

When you're strange

This is a documentary that I'm looking forward to watching, it was on the Sundance Film Festival and it was made by director Tom DiCillo. The great thing about this movie is that it features unseen footage of my favourite band, The Doors. I also need to mention that Johnny Depp does the narration, which must be fantastic!
There is no release date yet. but you can check more info and watch a live performance by John Densmore, the drummer of Doors, by clicking here.

Zero 7

Speaking about good music, Zero 7 have just completed their fourth album to be entitled Yeah Ghost and released later this year. For now they only released the song above (Everything up) as a taster.
I can't wait to listen to the whole album!


Bliss has a new album, No one built this moment, full of lounge songs, really good to chill!
Here you can listen the song Calling, with Sophie Barker, singer and songwriter from Zero 7.

Dear and Yonder - Surf Movie

Created by Tiffany Campbell and Andria Lessler, this movie shows stories of ladies and surfing, a really unique idea. Check for more info here.

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Apple sitcky notes

There is no lack of creativity in these sticky notes by Japanese designer D-Bros. Just lovely!


The Photographic Dictionary

The Photographic Dictionary defines words through the literal, figurative and personal meanings found in the pictures.
This one above is for the word Love: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person!

Hansel from Basel

I'm not a sock person but I love these ones from Hansel from Basel. They are also adding scarfs to their new fall 2009 collection. I can't wait!

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Bamboo Dell

Very stylish this desktop by Dell Sutdio Hybrid. It's really small and light. I would like to see bamboo monitors too !

Minibar Amsterdam

This bar has a really cool concept where you serve yourself with drinks, sushi and snacks from one of their 45 minibar fridges. Minibar is located in the heart of Amsterdam, check for more info here.

Wilson Simonal

Wilson Simonal is just great, I listened this song in the car this morning and I decided to share it.
If you like Bossa Nova, Soul and Jazz check more here.

Rhythms del Mundo Classics

The biggest stars in the music industry have joined forces with the sublime talent of Cuba's finest musicians to raise their voices to the latest RDM album, Rhythms del Mundo Classics, produced to raise awareness and funds for climate crisis projects and natural disaster relief.
This album is just great! I really love the versions of Walk on The Wild Side with Editors, Cupid with Amy Winehouse, Satisfaction with Cat Power (brilliant) and Stairway to Heaven with Rodrigo y Gabriela (better than the original!)
Get yours!!!

Rafaël Rozendaal

Caught my attention what Rafaël Rozendaal can do with flash.

These are my favourites:


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Blood of the Young Zine

Blood of the Young Zine is a mix of blog and magazine. They have a new issue called Girls that is really fantastic. Click here to download the pdf.

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The Present - Soundtrack

The Present is the 3rd and newest film from Thomas Campbell, acclaimed surf movie director of The Seedling and Sprout. The Soundtrack, by Brushfire Records is now available, you can also check the samples here. I wanna buy it!

The Girl Effect

The Girl Effect project, really cool this video!

Zero Short Film

This is a cute stop motion animation written and directed by Christopher Kezelos and produced by Christine Kezelos.
It tells us the history of an oppressed zero, who discovers that through determination, courage and love, nothing can be truly something.
There is no release date yet but you can find more info here.

I want this crib!

This is the home of illustrator Kat Heyes, just lovely!
Check for more pics here.

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I find this picture really amazing. Some street in Alicante, Spain.

Friendly Fires

One day we're gonna live in Paris!

More tunes here.

Hope Sandoval

Lead singer from Mazzy Star is back, with her new band Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions.
Their second album, Through The Devil Softly will be released on September 15th.

Tio Gruppen

Tio Gruppen consist of ten Swedish designers who joined together to create really cool printed fabrics and wallpapers. On their website, you can find awesome bags like these ones above, cushion covers, baby blankets and many other items always with some creative patterns.

Tommy Guerrero

I've been listening to his tunes lately and I'm loving it! Really chill and jazzy!

Where the Green Grass Grows

Cool peace by Hyock Kwon.

The Beautiful Girls

I had the great opportunity to check their live performance last weekend. I got very impressed with their energy on stage, always interacting with the audience. Just awesome!

Check for more tunes here.


Character from Finland, recycles company signs and logos that have been taken down or have broken and tuns them into individual design objects. They dismantle the letters, clean them up, add a new transformer, LED lights and the power cord, and put them back together.
You can buy them on line here.

Jake Shimabukuro

Yesterday I had one of the best nights of my life watching the live performance of this great talent. It's amazing what Jake Shimabukuro can do with the ukulele.

Fuck this book!

Fuck the world is a hilarious book by designer and art director Bodhi Oser.