Vacation, finally!

It's so good to make a tour in your own city, the weather is great, really sunny but with the cold breeze at night which I love and I have to tell you Sao Paulo has a lot to offer, if you are in town please check it out this new place with organic ice cream, the place is called Casa Elli and they serve an Italian gellato that is pure heaven. If you are looking for books and CDs I would recommend Livraria da Vila, the staff is super friendly and I get all my books, moleskines and albums from there, got the new The National's - Trouble will Find Me - that is more than awesome, I can't stop listening to it and the art work is amazing!
Well my day ended really unhealthy eating pringles watching a really clichet  movie on the TV, things we do for Keanu Reeves! Here are some photos:

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