I'm singing this song but I can't sing enough!

I'm a lucky woman and I have the best friends a person could ask and today I want to talk about this special one Benjamim Karam, I have written about him already, but it's never enough, because he's so talented, he reads way more than I do and he loves Dylan way more than I do! He has a really cool blog, he takes awesome photos, he's really into literature, he writes poems and wait for it: he reads William Blake! I would love to go to cafe with him and talk deeply about life, coffee, music and Nietzsche! But he lives so far away, when I'm going to sleep he's waking up!
We have known each other since 2010, via twitter, he just told me that, what a surprise, I totally forgot about that, my point is, since then he sent me so many songs, the last album he sent me was Mazzy Star that I truly love, I can't even tell you. But what I love most about him is that he's so kind, he tells me the perfect thing, he puts me up all the time and he takes time to come here and read this blog, since forever. So Ben, this is for you, hope we can meet up someday!

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