O Mercado!

Remember I posted here we were going to have a gastronomic fair here? So, this is the third time I go and this time they came to my neighborhood, it was so awesome! Mercado means market in Portuguese and this time we had 10 great chefs bringing their amazing food to the street, with small prices. It caught my attention as always, Henrique Fogaça, from Sal Gastronomia, Diego Belda, from Rothko Restaurant and Fellipe Zanuto from Pizza da Mooca. Well the pictures below talk by itself, enjoy!

Henrique Fogaça, in the center
Burger with Gruyere cheese, barbecue sauce and guinness bread, from Diego Belda

Nutella pizza and homemade mozarella/sausage pizza from Fellipe Zanuto

Henrique Fogaça and I (the whitest girl alive)


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