That Bloody Mary's lacking in Tabasco!

Have you ever felt this way, like life is kind of lacking in tabasco? Well, sometimes it's good to unspicy things up and just chill. I have a busy life and I go out pretty much everyday but my best moments are at home with my son or when I'm alone just me and my laptop. It's good to lose the fishnet and just wear a nightdress, like he says in this song. I'm in love with Artic Monkeys, actually I'm totally in love with English music in general, I just adore their accents and their style, when I was 13 my dream was to go to London to meet Robert Smith, twenty six years later I have traveled pretty much the whole Europe but never UK, shame on me. And every time I think about traveling I just want to go to Amsterdam, I need to be in Buenos Aires in nine days but I did not even book my tickets, when did I get so attached to KLM? I guess I'm still a fluorescent adolescent! :)

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