He's the best I know!

Fourteen years ago I was preparing to go to the hospital, to be a mum of this extraordinary person I decided to call Vini. He lights my days since day one, he changed my life and when I look at his eyes I see better days, no matter what he's the best I know. His favourite band is Red Hot Chilli Peppers, I wrote here already that I was listening to the album Californication when I was pregnant and it's funny how the things are, today I asked him what's your favourite song, he said Californication, I hit youtube and I had forgotten that the video is like a video game, then I remembered we used to watch on MTV all the time and dance like crazy in our living room. He used to be really close to the tv, so funny, he was amazed by this video and today he's totally addicted to video games, that's why he cares so much about graphics nowdays. We are having a small party at home, I hope he let me photography him, because he never wants to, so maybe I can post something here. Vini this is for you, I know you don't dig my blog but this is another way to say I love you, more than words can describe!