But don't you worry about a thing!

My son and I are thinking about the future and he's really old fashioned he does not like to travel and even though I have traveled a lot I never brought him with me because I always thought about his comfort and his school, his education that is the most important thing you can ever get. I have studied a lot and I still do and yesterday he said to me mum I'm not so sophisticated as you are, I'm a simple guy, I get happy with small things, we aren't rich, yes we aren't rich, we are far from that but I've been teaching him to be comfortable in poor places and rich places and I'm so thankful to have this amazing person as a son, he teachs me things, he shows me the most funny videos daily and I get so glad because for so many years I thought that being a mum was not for me but raising him is the more important thing in my life, he keeps me away from trouble and I see myself on him and that is priceless, for that reason I can't understand people who don't want kids, they are so great, they can be quite annoying but they are our delight and that is forever, no matter the age. I thought would be bad to have a teenager around and people told me he would be difficult and I always said he won't, because I raised him with so much love that I'm sure he will give this back to me and I was right, he shows me this love daily, so I don't worry about a thing, because I got you here with me!

And when the world ends, you're gonna come with me, we're going to be crazy, like a river bends We're going to float, Through the criss cross of the mountains and watch them fade to nothing!


  1. He is remarkably smart/understanding for a kid his age!

  2. I know, I get amazed sometimes, well I raised him haha!!!