Aziz Ansari!

I love Aziz Ansari, he's an awesome actor and of course an amazing stand up comedian, I came across this video this morning and it really caught my attention because the phones are taking our lives over, we are always connected, we are always texting and it got to the point that is not only between your friends anymore, my dad is really into texting now, he texts me all the time, my son too and I get amazed on the abbreviations he uses, in Portuguese we use a lot of graphic accents and the teenagers lose all of them via whatsapp, it annoys me a lot, I text all the time and believe me I can go like 3 hours on whatsapp, I'm a nerd but I use the correct portuguese ad the correct english, I guess I'm really old fashioned, the worst part is that I've became pretty lazy to talk on the phone, I've been avoiding phone calls lately, I have noticed that, so if you want to talk to me, skype me, whatsapp me, FB me, email me, but do not call me unless you have a really sexy voice, haha. Just kidding, call me I will answer eventually. Anyways this video is great, take a look:


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