It's party!

Do not panic folks, but today I was baptized for the second time, by choice this time, I'm evangelic now and I could not be more happy! I've been studying the bible since January and it was a long, intense and deep process to find my real calling. I have so many people to thank today, friends and family who never let me down and I dedicate this song to my beloved son, Kerlly Rovai, Luke BoxallAlan Costa, Jezebel Salem, Gabriela Lopes, Claudia Olsen, Paty Gallet, Dani Pezz, Dani Pramio, Gilmara Santos, Gabriela Sakate, Telma Fernandes, Tais Fernandes, Jose de Holanda, the whole Jack Johnson community, Jacob Tell from Oniracom, Marc Beauregard for your lovely songs, my aunt Cleuza, mum and dad of course, and our Lord Jesus Christ!
That's my favourite video for this song called Home  - I've been homesick so many times and last year I did not know where home was anymore because I have lived in so many places, but today I know that home is anywhere we go with love in our heart and my Iphone that I can't live without :p 

Ps. If you don't know Alex Ebert and Jade Castrinos from Edward Sharpe used to date, they are no longer together but they are very best friends, which I find so pretty!

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