I've been to many places in Europe but nothing can compare with the beauty of Amsterdam, I simply love that city so much, I only live here in Brazil right now, because my son does not want to go, but I'm sure I'm gonna live there in the future. If you don't know this amazing city, I recommend you to stay at Conscious Hotel, where everything is organic, from the bed sheets to the blankets, even organic champagne they have and it's delicious. it's really close to the Vondelpark, located at Overtoom street, that hood is known for all the organic and natural places, such as Marqt, a organic supermarket that I simply love. Another great hotel is Citizen M, really close to the airport that is kind of far away from the city, then you need to rent a bike or use the great dutch public transport, you can use trains, subway or trams. Enjoy!

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