I hope it can continue just a little while longer!

I was going to write about Jim Morrison death, then I thought it would be a real cliché. He would not like such a lack of originality.
I was going to say that I was thinking a lot about my life lately, meaning of life, why people hurt other people? The war, the hunger, all the stupidity around religions, about God, all those questions marks in my head. Am I having a middle life crises? I am 42 after all.

Then it hit me: I've been thinking about those questions since I was very young, like fithteen or so. My parents said I was ahead of my time, that I was rebel, despite all the big dreams I had, all I really wanted was to be a Philosophy teacher. I don't like to brag about myself but I always felt like a free spirit, a wild child, a lot of times a misunderstood soul.

I got in touch with Jim Morrison's poetry when I was sixteen years old, I got so amazed by everything he did. I started to read Aldous Huxley, William Blake and Nietzsche. I felt that I did not belong my surroundings. Jim's way to be was something I could relate. I never tried LSD tough. It was offered to me but I declined. Never had this urge to do drugs. I was never curious about it. I can not say the same about alcohol. It was my friend for a long long time.

I wanted to belong, I wanted to fit in. I still do, It's amazing how much you have to hide in order to get a good job. People are so judgmental. You have no freedom whatsoever. Freedom is just an illusion, When you start to think that you don't even have the power to choose where to live. You can't travel unless you have a visa for example. America -  land of the free - they say. Total BS.

Brazil is not any different, don't you think is easy to come live in here. I believe this is the most bureaucratic place I know. Is Europe, Asia, Africa any different? NO, the whole world is fucked up.

That's why when you see someone like Jim Morrison you just have to bow in reverence. I don't believe in idols, It's a huge admiration. I admire the whole band actually. The Doors is the best band in the world for me. Forget Beatles, forget Rolling Stones. They are the best (period).
I did not want to be a cliché, but I just can't win here. I tried.

I like to think Jim had a good laugh after recording this Queen of the Highway Jazz Version.   Wherever you are right now. I do hope this can continue a little while longer!

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