The Ideal Husband!

I've been listening to Father John Misty since 2014 or so, it came as a suggestion on my Spotify once and I think I played his album - I love You, Honeybear - like fifty times, but I never really paid attention to his lyrics, I really liked the songs and his voice, so I kept listening to it on my Iphone, while doing laundry, cooking, working, always multitasking, for some reason I never had time to check him out on the Internet, I have no idea on how he looks like, I listen to it purely for the quality of his music. On a lazy day at work I decided to Google him and the first thing I check is this video below and I realize he's probably the most beautiful man I ever saw in my whole life. I finally stop to check the whole video, I start to pay attention to the lyrics, I got engaged with it, not because they are deep or anything like that, actually they are funny and confusing sometimes. I got really moved by his performance, probably because his way too hot, but let's be fair, he sings so good, the band is great, I can't stop watching it. I decided then to go really deep into the webs, I check all the videos, I read about how hilarious his Instagram account is and check some of his posts. I laugh out loud, this man is a genius! I wanna marry this guy, I check more videos and I'm somehow hooked on some Jesus lookalike guy who writes pretty bad lyrics compared to other artists I like. But I keep listening to it and his voice is just perfect, his performance is amazing, he plays pretty well too, The whole band is great. Who is this guy? Joshua Tillman is his name, he's trying to survive on his music since 2004, nobody paid attention to him until he reinvents himself as Father John Misty, he's smart enough to use his beauty and fantastic sense of humor to break through. I'm glad he did. I wonder about his future album.

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