Lucky you!

I just came across this video and I'm totally in love with this song, it's so beautiful and romantic! It's Saturday already in Brazil and I wrote Monday that I had feelings this was going to be a good week and it was, almost perfect one, I closed another chapter of my life and I'm ready to start a new one, with fresh people beside me, because life is hard already and at the end of the day we just want to be happy and laugh with silly things, like a TV show, a video on YouTube or a cartoon. A dear friend told me this week: there are always to be demons in your life, you just need to choose which one to stick with. I prefer to stay with those who make me laugh because life is short and problems are made to be solved. Some people like drama, I understand it but life goes on and it has so many beautiful things to offer, you just need to be ready to receive them. In this song he says:

Wherever you will ever be
You're never getting rid of me

When I like a person, I stick to her/him, no matter what and I always be the one who hold them at the end.

Happy weekend!

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