Sheer Simplicity!

Good Morning folks, I woke up listening to this song and this was the first Kings of Convenience's song I ever listened back in July 2006, in Holland, Every time I listen to this song my thoughts travel to that year, I remember coming back from the beach, it was night time and we were listening to this album in the car, it was summer and I can never forget that feeling. Riot on an Empty Street is the name of the album and I can totally say it's my favourite album, from all the CD's I have.

I've been having money issues because I spend too much and this isn't new, I have money issues since forever, not because I earn little or so but because most part of the time I live like I'm a millionaire, I buy a lot of jewelry, expensive creams, lots of Cds, shoes, books, magazines, I go to fancy restaurants, I do a lot massages, manicure, pedicure, hairdresser, if you don't know me you would say I'm shallow, but if you read this blog you know I'm far away from being shallow. I have no limits sometimes and I'm trying to be more simple. In this song he says:

What is there to know? 
All this is what it is 
 You and me alone
 Sheer simplicity

I used to sing this to my son, after all, he's my family and we are such a good team, I knew since my son was in my belly that he would be my best friend forever, and I'm so blessed because he gets me and last week we were talking about cars and I totally hate SUVs or any family car, I have a small one, totally customized, perfect to speed and I yes I love to speed, but here in Brazil it's ridiculous, the speed limit on avenues is 60 Km/h so I have a lot of speed limit tickets this year. What I'm trying to say is, we were talking about big cars and I told him what would we need a big car, it's just two of us, sure that sometimes I give his friends a ride, but never to travel. He said: yes mum, if you get more money in the future let's get  a BMW or an Audi, he's the best I know. So this is the song of the day: know how. I need know how to manage my bank account!

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