Wake Up!

I had an amazing Friday, I was with this dear friend of mine and he makes me so happy, we were listening to this album, Funeral and I started to listen to Arcade Fire because of him, this year, shame on me, I knew them, but I was not into it and I'm totally in love now - I have chosen this video because it's live in Paradiso, Amsterdam, it's such a great and beautiful venue and if you read this blog you know how passionate I am about Holland - but what I want to share here is, sometimes I don't tell people face to face how great they are, how awesome they make me feel, then I come back home and I feel like calling and saying hey, you're awesome and I love you, but instead I come here and write about it. But this friend of mine is so busy that I'm sure he has not time to come here and read it, I always have to send the song in and write how much I care about him, I'm not good with words in person, I always say the wrong thing, I always had to fix it, texting via phone, email or facebook. What can I do? I'm only good writing it and I have noticed I've been doing this a lot and even when I get a present I don't show myself super excited about it until I get home and then I have picture it and put it on instagram or so, I don't know, sometimes I feel so thankful and grateful that I become speechless because life has being so great lately and I have so many amazing people around me, friends I truly truly love and thank God I write about them and I tell them at least via text how great and special they are.
 Well, this friend in particular, I'm sure he's going to be my friend forever, no matter what, because we were apart for almost eight years and even after all this time he never forgot me, I never forgot him, even though I never ever messaged him all these years, when reconnected, he did say I was kind of bad educated but he was never bitter or anything like that, he understood my reasons. That's real friendship, you know that person will be there for you, no matter what. He proves me that all the time, he's always there for me and he understands me, that's the most awesome thing about him. If you are reading this, you may think I'm in love with this person and I was, but real love between friends is way better than having a shallow and quick passion.
Life is amazing beautiful, why do we need to label things? He's my friend, he's not my boyfriend, not my husband. Why would I need one, I had two already. Now it's time for me to grown up for real and live life taking it easy.
Happy Weekend!

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