Wear Sunscream!

I saw this very best video in 2005 and I was so affected by every word he says that I've been following his advice since then. I dance, I keep all my love letters, I get plenty of calcium, I enjoy my body and I'm not afraid of it and I wear sunscreen since I'm 20.  But something that really got me was being almost 40 and knowing that life is just beginning. Today I do everything I used to do but with more experience and more energy and I manage to do way more things because I sleep less, I wake up early, go sleep late, so I enjoy life more. I supposed to be a philosopher but I dropped school, I have way too much energy to stay thinking about life, but instead I multitask, everyday, and I'm always thinking about the meaning of my life. What I have learned is that I needed to let it go a lot of things and I did it, this year, and a great new life has opened for me, now I need to stop congratulating myself and stop thinking I'm awesome and get humble, that's what I need. But trust me, wear sunscreen and eye cream, take care of your face and your body, it's your post card. Life is hard, life isn't easy, thank God, otherwise it would be so boring. My point is life is all happiness if you put yourself into it.

Happy Sunday!

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