In Space Outta Sound!

Before talking about Nightmare On Wax, I would like to apologize for so many music posts, I would love to write about art and design again, like in the past, but they shut google reader down, it's very difficult to find something good to write about besides music that is my true love.
Does anybody miss google reader? I still can't believe they did that, I used to love. Anyways, this is one of my favourite albums ever, I recently had the chance to find another copy to give to one of my best friends and I would like to talk about friendship, I see people not giving importance to friendship and being a friend is way more than messaging or texting via Facebook, it's about caring. I worry about all my friends, I pray for them, I text, I call, I show in person and I give presents and I like to receive presents too, that shows you care, it's not about the money, it's about the thought, the time and effort you take, to choose something to somebody you truly care. That's being a friend, otherwise we can't call friendship, that's being colleagues.
Well, that's for today, this song is called Soul Purpose and this is my favourite one from this album. Enjoy!

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