Get me away from here, I'm dying!

Oh Life is hard, like Alex Ebert says!  Monday is a very difficult day because I want to solve everything I did not solve on Friday, so here's me between problems with my first husband, the father of my child, memories of my second husband who was my best friend and I will love him as a friend forever and my new romance, an old friend I truly adore, but he has such a complicated life and my work that is the most important of all - and of course my daily mum's tasks that I'm so used to, that I don't even count. I'm here multitasking while I make some french fries for my son, listening to this song, I once sent Phil, when I was trying to get him back, this song is so obvious, when I sent him this song I did not even pay attention to the lyrics I just wanted to impress by sending in a Belle & Sebastian's song, lucky me, he did not pay attention either, his reply was: very cool, thanks for sharing it. Anyway I'm going for lunch, enjoy this song, it's awesome!

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