Just go on!

This is one of my favourite songs ever. I don't know how many times I have listened to this and and I saw Jack Johnson playing this song in Amsterdam - 2010 - and it was really magical for me, I can not never forget that feeling and that moment. I do not know what would I do without his songs. Lots of love JJ, mahalo!

The lyrics are so great, specially because it talks about getting nervous when you fly and about to letting it go:

I get nervous when I fly 
I'm used to walking with my feet 
Turbulence is like a sigh that I can't help but over think 
What is the purpose of my life
If it doesn't ever do 
With learning to let it go 
Live vicariously through you 
You can do the same 
It's the least you can do 
Cause it's a lonely little chain 
If you don't add to it

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