Vou por aí!

I'm crazy about this song, I'm not really into rap, but Marcelo D2 wins me over. Vou por aí in free translation would be I go around, this song talks about travelling and last year I was about to travel to Amsterdam and Portugal, this is the first year in eight years I don't travel, it hurts because I love to travel, but I lost my passport and I've been so lazy to get another one and I thought losing it was a sign that I should stay in Brazil this year, take care of my kid, be closer to my family and friends and I'm truly happy, it's so good to be in touch with my homies and I have such a good ones, I'm passing through some kind of delicate phase, I blogged about it this Monday, I have money issues and I never thought I would have friends caring about it, asking my account number, offering me help and  it's so comforting to feel this love coming from them. Friends are the family we choose and I'm grateful for all of them. Today I want to dedicate this post to this dear friend of mine called Waren Willian. Sweetheart this is for you!

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