I never thought that raising a teenager would be so difficult, he's almost 14 and he questions everything, he critics everything about me, so I asked him what is so bad about me?
He said: you pretty much never cook, you are always listening to your boring songs, very loud - of course he's talking about Jack Johnson and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - I can't understand, we are were always at the beach, he's been listening to surf music and folk songs since he was 5, what did I do wrong? He made me buy him a Pink Floyd album, damn that is boring! Then I finally get it, his favourite album is Californication, an album I bought in 1999, when I was pregnant, I used to put it for him to dance when he was 1, he used to dance like crazy, damn I miss those Saturday mornings, I miss watching Family Guy while he massages my back, that was last year people! Now he's such a grown up, he's taller than me, very blonde, he's so beautiful, even though he says I'm the most annoying person in this world, he always ends up saying I love you and it's all good.
This post is for you Vini, my favourite song on Californication's album: Scar Tissue and yes I love Antony Kiedis, he's one my heroes, unlike Robert Smith, he knew when to stop being stupid and decided to take care of his body!

Edit: Chili Peppers are playing in Brazil this November and I'm going with you son! That's my present for your birthday! We can talk about play station 4 after that! :p

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