Music Sunday!

It's almost Christmas and I'm going crazy with all the shopping and the traffic in this city, so I have decided to get cds to everybody, my son have chosen Stadium Arcadium - Chili Peppers - what made me very proud, it's one of my favourite albums. To my special "friend" I got this album called Songs in the key of Paul, indie songs inspired by Paul McCartney and I hope you're not checking my blog, otherwise the surprise is ruined, sorry! To the father of my son, my first ex, I got this awesome Belle & Sebastian's album that is so happy, it makes me wanna dance and my favourite song of the album is For the Price of a Cup of Tea and found this video, shot in London, a place I wanted to go since I'm 14 years old, but you know, life took me to other places, never UK, what a bummer, but this grey city is in my list for 2014! Enjoy!

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