A Green Holiday Guide

I've been following Kokua Hawaii Foundation for a while and I decided to post here about these 12 steps towards a green holiday!

1) When buying a Christmas tree, consider live potted trees that you can keep
2) Avoid junk mail lists to save paper, trees and our climate
3) Reduce party waste by choosing reusables instead of single use plates and utensils when hosting your holiday party
4) Give teachers, co-workers, and friends edible gifts, plants, or gift certificates instead of stuff that will get stuck in a drawer somewhere
5) Start an eco-friendly holiday tradition, when you go out caroling in your neighborhood, take an empty trash bag and pick up any litter you see along the way
6) Reuse wrapping paper or use newspaper, paper bags and maps for gift wrapping.
7) Use energy efficient LED lights to light up your home or tree
8) Create holiday cards from reusable materials or send paperless greetings via e-mail.
9) Organize a Secret Santa gift exchange, instead of buying gifts for all of your friends, family, coworkers, etc.
10) Give three gifts of time (for example, certificates for ukulele lessons, concert tickets or a massage) instead of buying items.
11) When shopping for holiday food and gifts, try to plan ahead and consolidate trips in order to save fuel and reduce pollution. Also, don't forget to take along your reusable cloth grocery bags to use instead of the disposable ones.
12)During the holiday season the most rewarding gift of all is giving back to your community. Make it a family tradition to donate to or volunteer for charitable causes during the holidays

Ps. this great illustration belongs to Steve Mack

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