Rareform interview with Marc Beauregard!

If you read this blog you know that I simply love folk and surf music in general and I grew up going to the beach, so I'm used to swim and dive but I never felt like surfing, I guess I'm too afraid, I don't know, so the last seven years I've been following this singer, songwriter and surfer I love and I just posted about him, that is Jack Johnson, what happens is that in 2009 another singer, songwriter and surfer caught my attention: Marc Beauregard, so I became a huge fan, I love his energy, his lyrics and he's always so positive, his songs just put a smile in my face, no matter what kind of problem I have, I count on Marc's songs to feel better. 
Since I just came back from the beach and I have all these feelings here alive I decided to post this interview, which is awesome because he mentions my name, as a person he would like to meet, what an honor huh?
Along with the interview I will post this video from Rareform too, that is really well done. 
If you don't know Marc, please check for his new single called Forgiven, you can download it from Itunes.

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