Finally we are no one!

Sorry guys, It's been a while, my work and personal life were dragging me down and today part of it, to be more clear, my work problems were solved, not in the way I wanted but let's say I have more possibilities now to be happy and more productive.
I'm having problems to sleep since December last year, so I need to take medicine to sleep every night and that makes me lazy and quite down during the day, that's why I stopped posting. Today I have decided that I need to come back to be myself again, no matter what, because my work situation was making me fade away. This is my first step to a big change and nothing better than start with music. I love this band, I've been listening to them since 2007 or so, usually I play their albuns when I go to sleep because they are so calm and comforting. If you don't know them, the band is called Múm and they are from Iceland.
The video below is from the album - Finally we are no one - one of my favourites. it brings me back to a very happy phase of my life, probably the phase I was happiest but also gives me hope to keep fighting for better days. Enjoy!

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